#thefutureisfemale Scholarship Winner

Note: The Future of Female Scholarship is not currently being offered

Earlier this year, we had over 17,000 fearless females apply to our first-ever #thefutureisfemale Scholarship. Each application was thoughtful, heartwarming and impressive - making it a hugely difficult task to narrow it down. We were thrilled to announce in April that Rachel was the winner. Her application resonated with us and the journey we have been on here at TrueandCo. as a female founded and powered brand. Please take a moment to read her fantastic submission!

 What is your biggest inspiration? I am most inspired by women who lift up other women. We live in a world where women are often told that other women are competition, rivals, someone to defeat. In reality, a rising tide lifts all, which is why I feel most inspired when I witness women lifting up other women. I see this at work where we’re an all-female firm, so supporting each other is not only good for the company, but good for each individual woman. I see this in my neighborhood where many moms work from home so they take turns babysitting each other’s children once a week to create a community of supportive women. I even see this, and get to take part in, this practice at business school. Still, business school is a male-dominated domain, so it may come as no surprise that my classes tend to be mostly men. In order to support each other the women in my program tend to study together, raise each others’ voices up in group discussions, and take notes for missing members. I plan to continue to empower other women as much as I can as I venture out into the business world after graduation.

Who is your role model? My most important female role model is my current boss, Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co. She may not be as well known as the Sheryl Sandbergs and Arianna Huffingtons of the world, but in my world she’s even more influential. Reina built her own life and business coaching firm from nothing into an internet empire in less than a year. Additionally she launched a podcast offering free advice to other creative entrepreneurs, is in the midst of writing her first book, has written for the Huffington Post, spoken at countless conferences and retreats, and has been able to hire a team to further her business. Although these accomplishments are tremendous, it’s not the main reason I am so inspired by her. Reina is the first woman I met who was successfully living a life I dreamed for myself. She worked hard, married a supportive spouse, and found that as much as she loves being a mom, there is more to her identity than that. She leads a life where after learning what she wanted most out of her work and life in her 20s, she has been able to implement those values and lifestyle in her 30s.

Tell us about the course you are going to take? I have recently been accepted as one of the 39 students to study a MSc in Marketing & Business Analytics at the University of Edinburgh Business School. With over 850 applicants each year it is an honor to have been chosen to join the 2017-2018 class at one of the top 20 universities in the world. I have worked throughout high school and my undergraduate degree in order to save up for my masters degree, but despite this I still fall short of being able to pay tuition. I am putting myself completely through graduate school, and this scholarship would be an enormous help.  (Rachel in Edinburgh!)

And why you want to take it? This specific program is one of a small handful of similar programs around the globe, and the only one boasting an even split of quantitative and qualitative work. The University of Edinburgh will offer a community that will push, challenge, and make me the best marketer and leader possible. I look forward to late night study groups with other Marketing & Business Analysis students, debating, discussing and ultimately growing together in a collaborative and intelligent community. This program will not only allow me to build on my prior Marketing experience, but will help me show future potential employers where my passion lies: in harmonizing data and analytics to design consistent and well-received brands and campaigns. This program is the final academic step before pursuing a career in brand management. I intend to utilize the knowledge gained in the program to marketing positions throughout my career, with the ultimate goal of starting my own brand management firm. Throughout my time at the University of Edinburgh I intend to be an active and enthusiastic member of the community, and by then end of the program, I will be ready to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired in the marketing world.

And lastly, what impact do you want to leave on the world? Similarly to the women who inspire me, I would like to uplift other women throughout my career in marketing and brand strategy. Business research, corporate strategy and data analysis are still thought to be a man’s game, and I hope that by the end of my career I have helped to change the face of that game. I have had many female mentors, both academically and professionally, who have had a tremendous impact on not only how I conduct myself, but how far I push my goals. I would like to mentor younger women throughout my career to help them find the confidence to dream bigger and push farther. I not only want to inspire other women to pursue a career in strategy and data analysis, but to work one on one with as many women as possible, showing them how they too can make a difference. Besides mentorship I would like to someday create my own company built on the B Corporation values, with an emphasis on employing and serving women. To learn more about Rachel be sure to follow her website and instagram. Congratulations Rachel! We can't wait to see the impact you are going to have on the world. We have just re-launched #thefutureisfemale scholarship and encourage all female trailblazers to reapply! With love and lingerie, The Girls at True and Co.

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