Push Up Bra Benefits

Think enhancing cleavage is the only plus you can get from a push-up bra? Think again. While it’s true that they’re designed to position breasts closer together for a fuller look, push-ups are also remarkably good at lifting and shaping all breasts, even larger sizes, to create a better-fitting and more comfortable everyday foundation under clothing.

What are Push-Up Bras

These days, the term “push-up” is a catchall that refers to a bra designed with an underwire, padded cups or both. Underwires serve to lift the breasts from below while padding helps fill out the bust, and in some cases, create the impression of a larger cup size. But again, pumping up a woman’s profile isn’t always this bra’s only objective.

When it comes to choosing the right push-up bra, consider your specific wardrobing needs, then ask yourself these questions: Will I need to conceal or reveal? Do I want to simulate a larger size or just support my natural shape?

If you’ll be wearing a deeply scooped or v-neckline, your best bet will be a demi push-up, which is designed with bust-flattering half-cups that won’t peek out above your clothes. When wearing something formfitting but completely unexposed, go for a full-coverage push-up, which will give your natural cup size a rounded, smoothly contoured boost with structured padding to add fullness and shape.

Benefits of Push-Up Bras

A well-made push-up bra, like our True Body Wirefree Push Up Bra, offers a whole range of benefits, no matter your natural chest size — the top two being security and support. A smooth inner lining and substantial padding create uplift for all-day comfort, plus can fill out your proportions for an overall shapelier look. Then, of course, there’s cleavage enhancement: an upshot of the bra’s padded cups is that they mold against, push together and define the breasts for a voluptuous display of skin.

Let’s take a closer look at a push-up bra’s benefits, and how the style can elevate both casual and occasion dressing for all:

1. Lifts your Breasts

By lifting the breasts, push-up bras effectively accomplish two things: visually bolster size for smaller-chested women and provide necessary support for those with larger cups who struggle with back pain. What sets these bras apart is their construction, which consists of underwires and padding that work together to create a remarkably secure, shape-enhancing profile.

2. Defines a Natural Silhouette

A push-up bra’s benefits aren’t limited to simply flattering the bustline. In fact, by filling out the chest and amping up cleavage, a push-up can help redefine a woman’s proportions, visually slimming down the waist to give her an hourglass figure. By bringing a robust look to the upper body, push-ups improve the fit of certain garments, like skin-baring tops and dresses. They can also create an improved appearance under casual tees and body-hugging shirts, by enhancing a woman’s natural dimensions for a more curvaceous shape.

3. Shapes and Holds Cleavage

Wearing low-cut clothing requires a fair bit of confidence — and that’s where a well-designed push-up plays a vital role. Not only will this bra’s padding help lift and shape cleavage, it will hold breasts together for a flattering, nicely defined look that’s naturally positioned and completely secure.