Best Travel Bras: Bras You Should Pack for Your Next Adventure

Feeling free, unrestricted yet also comfortably supported — all super-vital when adventuring to parts unknown. From the most comfortable shapes to thoughtful construction features, True&Co has your travel and lounge bras basics covered for virtually any escape.

Travel Bras

When considering the best travel bras to pack, four things are key: comfort, function, end use and, of course, ease of care. Keeping these in mind will minimize the number of travel bras you’ll need while ensuring you get the most from each. Sure, certain silhouettes can serve double-duty as daywear and lingerie, but you’re unlikely to slip back into them for intense walks, hikes or workouts.

Lightweight Bras

There’s no better way to keep comfortable on long-haul commutes, whether lugging carry-ons or racing through terminals, than in a lightweight travel bra. Think full-coverage t-shirt bras or unlined balconettes — both are known for their impeccable fit and featherweight construction, so they’re perfect on the go. Our no-show lace bras disappear under clothing, so there’s no worry when shedding layers to adjust to fluctuating temps.

When choosing color, your best bets are nearly-nude flesh tones matched as closely as possible to your own skin. This strategy lets you get the most mileage out of your travel bra, since nudes are unnoticeable under both light and darker clothing. Just as important is convertibility — changeable strap configurations mean you can switch from halter to one-shoulder, crisscross to strapless and back again, all with a single multi-way travel bra.

Bras with Pockets

When it comes to stashing valuables, frequent fliers and those seeking extra security while traveling may want to play it closer to the vest — or chest, as the case may be. Companies such as The Travel Bra have a variety of wire-free, labeless options featuring super-soft fabrics, bindings and wide straps, as well as hidden pockets, including a drop-down passport pouch. Anti-theft meets clever concealment in one super-practical style.


Breezy beach vacations practically demand the comfort and simplicity of bralettes — easy, unstructured pullovers that fit perfectly under loose tops and lightweight sundresses. They take up practically zero space in your luggage, giving you room for a few sexier and simpler options. Turn to a stabilizing sports bra for high-impact activities, then switch to a bralette for leisurely strolls or lounging.

Quick Dry Bras

Moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabrics are the ultimate common sense feature of a perfect travel bra. Not only does it ensure cooling comfort in warm weather, it also enables quicker wash-and-wear rotations for days on the go. Look for polyester-and-nylon blends with water-repellant properties — most travel bras can withstand three to four wears, depending on your activity level. When cleaning, be sure to use mild soap and cool water, before hanging and allowing to air-dry. Pack along a zippered mesh bag for delicates if you plan to use a laundry machine; otherwise stick to gentle hand-washing in your hotel room.

How to Pack Bras

Packing. It’s just about as fun as being poked by a rogue underwire for the duration of an overseas flight. Although unstructured styles can simply fold down and tuck into gaps between larger items, a shift in luggage can often make it difficult to sort through your intimates upon arrival. Solution? Consider a quick-access pouch, allowing you to neatly bundle and protect your travel bras for the journey, then later unpack and organize them with ease.

Travel Bra Bag

Soft-sided and waterproof, travel bags and cubes specifically designed for undergarments are great, lightweight organizers, perfect for packing. Think of these as virtual dresser drawers that streamline your luggage without adding heft. Another bonus: their compact size will keep you from overpacking — you’ll be more strategic, choosing only the best travel bras for your every wardrobing need.