16 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Every Relationship Status

Your first memory of celebrating Valentine’s Day probably goes back to your grade school days – exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with your classmates with an unhealthy amount of sugar rushing through your veins.

Like most holidays, Valentine’s day as we know it today is a far cry from its origins. The story dates back to the Middle Ages when St. Valentine of Rome was put away for performing weddings for soldiers (whom at the time weren’t allowed to marry). According to legend, he restored sight to the blind daughter of his judge during his imprisonment and signed a letter to her as “Your Valentine”. Thanks to a little artistic license from 14th century writer Geoffrey Chaucer and a whole lot of Hallmark ads, Valentine’s Day has become a day of love and romance. And regardless of how you might feel about the holiday itself, love is always worth celebrating.

As the holiday evolved, so has how – and with whom – we celebrate it with. So whether you’re single, spoken for, or simply want to celebrate differently, we’ve got 16 fun, romantic, and creative Valentine’s Day date ideas that you’ll actually want to do.

Be Your Own Valentine: Date Ideas for Your Significant Self

Embrace being your own significant one and shake off any unease about celebrating Valentine’s Day solo. Giving back to yourself with a much-deserved Valentine’s Day date is the ultimate way to say, “I love you, me.”

Boudoir Photoshoot

We get so inspired seeing how our community wears their True loves. So what better way to embrace your kind of sexy than with a boudoir photoshoot in your favorite lingerie? The best part: you’ll have some amazing photos to look back on to remind yourself how awesome you are.

Self-Love Shopping Spree

You want it? You got it. Take yourself on a shopping spree for some of the little luxuries you’ve been holding back on. This could be anything from a spa day, that designer jacket you’ve been stalking in the shop window, to finally investing in a new, much-improved bra (yes, we’re biased — sorry not sorry!). On a day when most people are splurging on someone else, treat yourself! Just give yourself a budget you feel comfortable with so your day isn’t spoiled with any post-spree guilt.

Take Yourself Out

If low-key is more your style, stick with tradition and do dinner and a movie for one. Milk your me-time and unplug by putting your phone on airplane mode. If you’re afraid of feeling awkward eating alone and phone-less, bring a good book to use as company. You’ll be surprised how empowering a romantic solo Valentine’s Day date can be.

Honor Your Hobby

We all have leisurely activities we enjoy doing when we have the time — things that require more than a swipe or double-tap — like sitting down and writing snail mail to a friend, or finishing that knitting project you started way back when. Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to get around to all your want-to-dos and make it a date!

Ignore the Day

Lots of ladies aren’t big on this holiday, so go ahead and scratch the Valentine’s Day date plans altogether if that’s what you want. No rules means you do you!


For the Love Birds

Brrr … cuffing season is in full force (unless you’re married, then it’s always cuffing season)! If you’ve got a special someone, or some ones, in your life, here are our favorite ideas for romantic Valentine’s Day dates you’ll both/all enjoy.

Make Your Own Sushi

There’s something about making a meal with your significant other that’s just plain hot. So it’s no wonder why so many couples like making sushi together for a romantic Valentine’s Day date. It’s more assembling than cooking, which means you can take your time (no stressing over something burning or boiling over). Plus, it’s a pretty handsy activity, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create your own pottery-esque love scene a la Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore from Ghost.

Couples Massage

Sometimes, classic is where it’s at, and what’s a more classic Valentine’s Day date idea than going for a couples massage? You each get to indulge in a relaxing treatment that’ll have you both feeling limber and ready for anything afterward. You know, like yoga …

Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a fun and interactive spin on a typical Valentine’s Day dinner date. You learn about the ingredients, new recipes, and maybe even more about your S.O. in the process. It’s a great date choice if you both want to try something new, especially you foodies out there.

Stay In

Most of us don’t need a Valentine’s Day date for an excuse have a chill night at home, but it does make the perfect excuse for making a night in extra special. So go ahead and cozy up at home and avoid the crowds. Even better if you do it in your underwear. The romance doesn’t have to end at dinner and dessert, either. Breakfast in bed, anyone?


If you want to shift gears and go a different route, embrace a day of passion by giving back to a cause you both care deeply about. Scope out opportunities at your local animal shelter, food bank, or anywhere else that tugs at your heart strings.

Concert or Comedy Show

Sharing a sense of humor or taste in music brings people together, so let it bring you closer to your special someone. A concert or comedy show is the ultimate good-time Valentine’s Day date. Get started early with a little pre-gaming or happy hour before the show starts. Romantic? We think so.


For You and Your BFFs: Galentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is about love, not just lovers. So whether you’re single or taken, carve out some quality time with your BFFs and try out one of our favorite Galentine’s Day date ideas below.

Netflix ‘n’ Binge

Throw the ultimate slumber party with a Netflix ‘n’ Binge night. Put on your pjs, pick out your favorite rom-com, and pop that popcorn! All you need you in this life of sin is a good WiFi connection.

Wine Tasting

Did we have you at wine? Valentine’s Day date or not, you can’t go wrong with wine tasting. It’s a great group activity where you and the girls get to dress up, clink glasses, and take in scenic vineyard views. Cheers!

Exchange Valentines

Channel your grade school days and break out the arts and crafts (and a bottle of wine) to make your own Valentines. Need some inspo? We love “ovaries before brovaries” and “uteruses before duderuses” from the Galentine’s Day queen herself, Leslie Knope.

Go Dancing

What’s great about dancing is that it’s fun whether you go with your beau or your BFFs. In this case, we’re talking ladies’ night. Find your favorite spot and let yourselves loose, or take a dancing class and learn some new moves!

Hire a Private Chef

Love fine dining but also staying in? Have it all by hiring a private chef! Enjoy a gourmet, candlelit dinner right from your own table. We all like to get a little fancy now and then, and a romantic Valentine’s Day date is one of the best times to do it.

Love comes in many forms and nowadays people are celebrating in just as many ways. Whichever way you choose, we hope our list of Valentine’s Day dates ideas inspires you to treat yourself to a something (extra) special, or share an unforgettable experience with those you love most.