Everyone Needs Great Bras and Underwear

It’s a near universal truth that every woman is on the hunt for a favorite bra. In fact, our own founder Michelle’s long search for a bra that fit her body in a way that made her feel amazing, inside and out, led to the start of True&Co. in her living room almost 7 years ago. 

Long-time True fans know we’ve always been about designing bras women actually want to wear. It’s how we started – asking real women about what they want in a bra. Today, feedback from you – our community – drives everything we do.

You helped us create True Body, our best selling family of wireless bras, tanks, bodysuits and underwear that make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. You challenged us to offer new styles, colors and prints, and most importantly, to extend the sizing of True Body Lift to fit up DDD/F cups in a way that is inclusive, without the labels. We heard when you said you wanted comfortable and beautiful bras and lingerie in a your go-to underwire bra and padded bra styles. And we can’t get over our comfy cotton undies that come in 1X, 2X. Thanks to you, True&Co. now offers hundreds of styles and colors online, right here!

Yes – we believe 100% in great bras for women everywhere. That’s why we’re super excited (!!!) to announce we’ve joined forces with Target to launch True Everybody, a new collection of bras and women’s underwear sold online at Target.com and in-store. 

Coming to a Target Near You: True Everybody

Your next Target run could lead you to your best-fitting bra. True Everybody offers the look of True&Co. with 3 bras and 2 underwear styles at Target, online at Target.com and in stores.

You walk in for toothpaste, but half an hour later you’re walking out with that, plus 10 other fabulous finds – it’s so common, it’s an Internet meme. Even Target knows this, which is actually a good thing. Target, we love you for supporting inclusive sizing. While shape, size, and style are all important, so are location, budget, and lifestyle when it comes to who’s buying and wearing the bras – you.