What is a Push-Up Bra?

Though creating cleavage is what a push-up bra does best, the benefits don’t simply end there. Constructed in a wide variety of styles using a range of materials, push-up bras are super-versatile, making them ideal for day-to-evening wear. They contain padded, angled cups that not only bring breasts closer together for a lifted look, but also create added support which results in better overall posture. Flattering, figure-enhancing — what’s not to love?

Most Common Types of Push-Up Bras

Demi Push-Up Bra

Ideal for wearing with low-cut dresses or tops, demi bras are the most common type of push-ups. They’re designed with a half or a partial cup, also known as an inner “shelf,” that boosts cleavage but is dipped enough to stay hidden under revealing necklines. A little push, no peek-over… perfect.

Balconette Push-Up Bra

Another type of shelf bra is a balconette push-up, which typically features a supportive underwire, less padding and a lower cut than demi styles. Balconettes create a voluptuous look with just a hint of cleavage to enhance your natural shape.

Strapless Push-Up Bra

The perfect bra for creating lift under sleeveless or off-the-shoulder tops is a strapless push-up. Bras like this can be worn with confidence because they’re designed with wide, sturdy underbands — plus they often have special supportive features within, such as adhesive or inner gripper tape along the cups and sides to prevent slippage.

Push-Up Sports Bra

While maximizing cleavage is key to a great push-up bra, the padding in sports bras has a slightly different objective. Designed to optimize stability, push-up sports bras offer the kind of support, lift and comfort that are crucial — especially for larger-chested women — during exercise and physical activity.

Push-Up Bralette

Let’s talk about the beauty of push-up bralettes. Great for giving natural assets a boost, they’re also designed to be less constrictive than traditional wired-cup styles. Another perk is the variety of silhouettes you’ll find them in — from racerback to halter, wireless and pullover. Side note: bralettes that slip on over the head without any back closure are a fuss-free option for days on the go.

Wireless Push-Up Bra

Turn to wireless push-up bras as your everyday go-to. They’re supportive but also designed for comfort — relying on wider bands and reinforced padding instead of wires to dial up lift and optimize shape.

Backless Push-Up Bra

A backless push-up bra may seem like the start of mission: undergarment impossible, but it turns out, there are some thoughtfully constructed designs out there to choose from. Without a back, these types of push-ups hold tight against the body using either gripped or adhesive panels — and have substantial padding to create lift. Not quite as simple as “sticky” bras that have been on the market for years, but related to the concept, today’s backless push-ups are far more comfortable to wear.

Plunge Push-Up Bra

Plunge push-up bras sound almost too good to be true, but they’re real and they’re amazing. The cups, positioned to create a deep center groove, have built-in padding that sculpts, defines and adds fullness to the bust. This is the bra that lets you have it all.


Push-Up Bra Benefits

Besides the flattering boost to your figure, the lift that push-up bras deliver can have some serious wellness effects too — especially for larger-chested women who suffer from chronic back pain. A push-up bra with enhanced padding can provide support where it’s needed most to alleviate the strain. Discover more push-up bra benefits.