Are Thongs Comfortable?

There may not be a hotter topic when it comes to lingerie than to (wear a) thong or not to thong.  Whether you discovered them at a young age due to pop culture, sports or an older sister, or later in life when looking to avoid VPL (visible panty lines) or spice things up for a significant other, most of us have tried thong underwear at some point.  If we had a good first experience, we may have fallen in love, touting the virtues and filling our underwear drawer solely with cheek bearing styles.  Or, perhaps, we didn’t love the fit and feel, swearing them off forever and claiming complete disbelief of friends that fall into the other camp.  But if we could promise a comfortable thong truly can exist, for any shape and size, would it be worth another try?

Are Thongs Comfortable?

Similar to other underwear styles, the comfort of a thong comes down to two key elements: fabric and correct sizing.  This is true across styles, meaning it is possible to find a comfortable thong whether you choose traditional, g-string or c-string.  Material and construction are foundational to comfort, and prevent cutting in and riding up.

Finding a Comfortable Thong

Finding a comfortable thong can not only open up your wardrobe options for tighter pants, skirts and dresses but the right style and size combination might even become a go-to for everyday wear.


Find the right size

Just like you would with any clothing item, start by knowing your size in the particular brand you’re shopping.  It never hurts to take new measurements, which we’ve made easy in the True&Co underwear size chart.


Choose the right material

Even though there’s less of it, material makes a big difference when it comes to comfort. True&Co’s lineup of thongs offers choices in materials from classic cotton to nylon microfiber and soft lace.


Cotton Thongs

Classic for a reason, cotton is breathable, and many keep the classic going in a palette of neutrals.  Typically cotton is a go-to style, designed for all day comfort.

Soft Nylon Thongs

Our softest fabric, smoothing True Body microfiber is a second skin, exactly what you want from a thong.  Available in over 10 colors, the True Body Thong is an everyday essential, and the lack of elastic or seams makes it truly invisible under clothes.


Lace Thongs

Lace is lovely, and will make you feel just that.  Effortless lingerie made from soft fabric makes this style perfectly go from day to night.


Pick the right style for you

Though all thongs lack back coverage, they aren’t made equal when it comes to other areas, and this can affect both how they fit you and ultimately, how comfortable you feel in them.  From Traditional cut to G-string, and the relatively new, C-string, each offers a different construction, more or less coming down to more or less material.



A traditional thong design typically offers a full coverage front and a varying width waistband that connects to a narrow strip of fabric to connect from the back to the front.



On the other hand, a g-string design features a more narrow waistband, in many cases simply an elastic strap that again connects to an equally thin connection string.  In this design the only material is typically a triangle covering the front area.



In the last few years, a newcomer has entered the thong scene, referred to as the C-string due to its no waistband design.  This unique style completely avoids pesky panty lines at the cost of what might be a slightly uncomfortable wire that keeps it in place from front to back.  While some have found a time and a place for this alternative, we can’t in good faith recommend it if you already don’t love the feeling of a thong.  Might we suggest starting at the top and seeing which style best suits your shape and size?