How to Make Your Breasts Perkier

Perky breasts aren’t just reserved for early puberty when boobs are typically so small they have no choice but to stick straight out.  As we age, natural occurrences such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and oh, yeah, that pesky little thing known as gravity, all cause our breasts to lose a bit of their original lift.  Finding the right bra, consistently practicing breast lifting exercises (bonus: most are great for arm toning too!), maintaining good posture and choosing outfits that compliment your shape are all key to achieving a natural boost for your breasts.


Find a Bra that Lifts your Breasts

At True&Co we develop bras for the ultimate comfort of women in all shapes and sizes, meaning support, and lift, are key to designing both wired and wirefree styles.  Here are a few of our (and your) favs depending on how much lift you’re looking for:


Lifting Bra

It quite literally has lift in the name, and it lives up to it, delivering up to one full inch of lift via a wirefree channel making the True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra one of our go-to styles, especially for DD+. Supportive triangle cups and smooth, buttery soft True Body microfiber are a winning combination engineered to elevate and contour your natural shape.


Racerback Bra

Also living up to its named potential, our True Body Lift V Neck Racerback delivers the same support in a silhouette made for natural lift.  By nature a racerback is made to pull breasts upwards based on the gathered back design and the V front makes this style perfect for pairing with lower cut tops and dresses, creating a bit of cleavage for the illusion of even more lift.  Available in ten colors and prints ranging from neutral solids to bold patterns and sized for up to 2X/42DDD, this style is sure to please.


Push-Up Bra

Sure, it’s easy to see why we’d pick a push-up bra as a recommendation for achieving lift, but while we love a good push-up, what we love even more is a comfortable one.  Our True Body Wirefree Push Up Bra is just that, wirefree for maximum comfort and designed with shaping pads that add natural lift.  These foam cups are made of smoothing True Body fabric, the softest in our collection, for a barely there feel that disappears under clothes.


Balconette Bra

Similar to a push-up bra, the balconette style is made to lift without creating squish. Balconette bras deliver generous coverage and ample support while adding volume.  Look for encased underwire, adjustable straps and a double hook and eye closure ensure a proper fit for comfort and flexibility.


Breast Lifting Exercise

Beyond your bra (or shall we say, within it), another tactic to achieving a bit more boost for your breasts is to practice lifting exercises.  Target your upper body to strengthen chest muscles which will both improve your posture (more on that in a minute) and lift your breasts to a perkier position. Oldies but goodies like pushups (modified count), planks (same here), chest press and/or fly are go tos for a reason, and when done consistently, even with light weights in the 2-3 pound range (size up to 5 or 10 lbs if you’re looking to tone, or as you’re able). For how to’s and four more exercises to try, check out our guide to Exercises for Breast Tightening.


Practice proper posture

We don’t want to sound like your mom here, but for real, proper posture can go a long way to promote perkiness.  Hunching and slouching can cause breasts to droop and appear heavy, so double check that you’re standing straight up with your shoulders back.


Choose outfit wisely

Never underestimate the power of a put together outfit, especially one that enhances your chest for a perkier appearance.  V-necks, sweetheart styles and plunging necklines all reveal more cleavage and give the perception of lift.  Pair these styles with the bra options above for a double dose of boosted breasts.


Get fitted

Last, but really first in terms of importance, is ensuring a proper fit for any bra style you choose.  Start with our guide to How Should a Bra Fit for an in-depth look at each bra element (band, straps, cups and underwire, when applicable).  We promise perky boobs start with a better fitting bra, and think you’ll find a True&Co style that delivers the trifecta of comfort, support and better fitting bra.