Types of Nipples

Having a unilateral inverted nipple means having one that’s inverted and one that isn’t, usually protruding. Just like with any nipple type, you can either be born with a unilateral inverted nipple or have it develop later in life – in which case you’d want to check in with your doctor for any underlying causes.

Nipple types come in all different forms, just like our bodies do. There’s no such thing as normal or ideal types of nipples. Different is normal; different is beautiful. We shouldn’t be ashamed of what our nipples look like because of what’s portrayed in mainstream media. A change is long overdue, and with movements like #FreeTheNipple, that change is on the rise. We’re all unique while sharing commonalities with millions of other women; that’s something we embrace in our Fit Quiz, our bras, and our community.

Now that you know what type of nipples you have, learn more about how a bra should fitcommon breast shapes and bra types and styles.