What is Loungewear?

Loungewear might be the perfect wardrobe for staying home, whether working or relaxing. Comfortable and cozy, but with just enough tailored sophistication to still have style.  But what truly defines this relatively new clothing category, and most importantly, distinguishes it from pajamas?  And what are the key pieces you need in your #wfh #stayhome collection?

So what exactly is loungewear?

Falling somewhere between athleisure and sleepwear, loungewear is meant to be the middle ground many seek to escape tightly fitting clothes such as business wear or jeans and what one would go to bed in (whether pajamas or nude).  Style options have grown in the last decade as higher end fashion designers embraced the trend influenced by the Scandanavian Hygge movement, gender neutrality and a resurgence of 90’s nostalgia marked by oversized tomboy style for women.


Loungewear vs. Sleepwear

While sleepwear tends to feature looser fitting, often patterned or more brightly colored styles and fabrics such as fleece or flannel, loungewear leans towards a neutral palette and modal or cotton blends. Rather than a “set” of pajamas, coordinating separates will give you a solid foundation to mix and match your perfect loungewear combination.

Types of Loungewear

Key to knowing if an item is meant for lounging or sleeping is its versatility, i.e. whether you’d be willing to be seen at the front door, or even out of the house for a quick errand.  Perfect choices for loungewear bottoms include leggings and joggers.  On top, choose a tank or bra that provides the foundation for layering a tee, jacket or robe.


Today’s jogger style is definitely made more for lounging than its name implies.  Typically featuring a slim leg and elastic at the waist and ankles, a versatile pair of joggers can even be dressed up when you’re ready to leave the house.  Look for adjustable an draw cord and pockets, another upgrade from most pj pants.


Black leggings may have gained even more popularity than denim over the last decade, becoming the ultimate work to play staple wardrobe item for many.


Another distinction of loungewear versus sleepwear is that most women will want to incorporate a bra, or bralette, to maintain support while active either/both at home and when headed out.  Opt for a wireless style in a soft material, to be worn on its own or under a tee, robe or jacket.


Prefer to skip the bra entirely?  Opt for a tank with built in support, like the True Body Adjustable Strap Tank, which features slim straps and removable pads. True Body microfiber fabric ensures barely-there comfort and a sleek look if used for layering.


Loungewear Outfits

Start with a True Body hipster, boyshort or bikini and match (or mix!) with your favorite bra, bralette, racerback or adjustable strap tank.  Pick a pair of shaping leggings or joggers to complete the look, think more “put together casual” and less “polka dot pajamas.”