Most Comfortable Bra

Anatomy of the Most Comfortable Bra

If finding a properly fitting bra seems like mission: impossible, then tracking one down that’s also comfortable is probably like discovering the holy grail. After all, comfort is subjective — what may feel snug and secure to one person might be too restrictive for another. Bra fits can vary from brand to brand and even style to style, so the search could involve a bit of trial and error. Understanding the anatomy of a bra is key — and one of the best ways to guide you in that eternal quest for comfort.

Here’s what goes into making the most comfortable bras on the market and why…

Characteristics of the Most Comfortable Bras

Bra comfort is typically driven by three main factors: material, fit and style. Once these key criteria are sorted out, the rest relies on how bras are cared for. The better they’re maintained, the longer you can expect them to remain in good shape — equally important is realizing when they’ve outlived their wearability lifespan and for comfort’s sake, need to be replaced.


Most bras are made of cotton and spandex, which provide a good second-skin fit but tend to overstretch and warp with repeated wear. The Body collection from True&Co utilizes the more resilient combination of nylon blended with elastane — offering a close hug against the body, but with better resiliency against shape loss over time. Also essential for a smooth fit: going totally tagless whenever possible.

Bra Fit

It should come as no surprise that a lot of women are wearing the wrong size bra — the most common mistake being going too small on the cups or too big on the band. Side note: check out our articles on Bra Fit and Sister Sizing to ensure that you’re on the right track. Many styles from True&Co’s Body collection not only offer standard sizing (XS through XL), they also come in complementary cup letter grades (32A-38D or DD+ and 30DDD/F-38DDD/F) to accommodate a greater and more inclusive range of body types.

Bra Type

Women who generally hate wearing bras, especially the underwired variety, will do best in a bralette. This usually hardware-free pullover style is made in the softest materials with durable straps and a sturdy underband that provides maximum support. Even larger-chested women can comfortably wear bralettes; when constructed properly, they’ll hold firmly and have a smoothing effect, without pushing breasts together.

Smaller-chested women would be wise to stick to silhouettes that lift and shape, enhancing and filling out their natural assets. Unless the desired effect is for a dramatic boost, most well-designed bras can do this without unnecessary padding — the goal is to look and feel like an adult, after all, and not a pre-teen scoring her very first push-up.

Women who are more endowed and require additional hold can still get there comfortably, even with an underwire. Many flattering, beautifully designed bra styles are up for the task, so long as they have extra-wide panels to support the back as well as help avoid any spillage on the sides.

Bra Care

Durability is one of the most important features of a comfortable bra. Since it’s sure to become the most reliable style in your intimates wardrobe, it’ll need to stand up well to everyday wear. Just as crucial is knowing how to properly store and care for your favorite bra since a little TLC will go a long way toward extending its longevity. Pro tip: if all of your bras are designed primarily for comfort, like the following True&Co styles, it can’t hurt to buy one in every color.

Our Most Comfortable Bras

Consumer feedback is our greatest resource when it comes to designing bras. You ask and we listen — which is why True&Co bras, wireless styles that maximize lift, are built for ultimate comfort.

Most Comfortable Skinny Strap Bra: True Body Scoop Neck Lift Adjustable Strap

If your idea of carefree is wire-free, we’ve got you covered. This pullover bra is made from our softest material, that not only feels great against the skin but will keep its shape while retaining stretch and is sturdy enough for all-day support. Together with adjustable straps and removable pads, it offers lift of up to one inch and features a wide scooped neckline to frame the collarbone for a barely-there feel.

Most Comfortable Triangle Bra: True Body Triangle Convertible Strap

This pullover is one of our most comfortable and versatile bras, but don’t take our word for it — the over 1,100 reviews and four-star customer rating speak for themselves. Made from our softest microfiber, it’s virtually invisible under clothing and has a smooth, barely-there feel without bulky seams or elastic. It also features removable padding as well as a plunging neckline that adapts perfectly under your favorite tee or your fanciest dress. Best of all, its slim straps are convertible, allowing you to reposition and wear them crisscrossed in the back.

Most Comfortable Lifting Bra: True Body Scoop Neck Lift

Designed to fit up to a 42DDD, the True Body Lift Scoop Neck is a fan favorite for a reason. “During my first full wear of the bra, I immediately noticed how I still filled my shirts out nicely,” says one reviewer. “No squished boobs here!” Utilizing the same fabric and lift features as the True Body Scoop Neck Lift Adjustable Strap, this comfortable design, with its lowered neckline and rounded ballet-inspired back, offers the freedom of a sports bra without any bulk — or dreaded uni-boob effect!


Just a few of our top-rated and bestselling styles, these True&Co favorites come in materials, sizes and shapes that make it easy to find a perfect bra. Know that our designers are driven by feedback from our customers — real women, seeking real fit solutions — to create some of the most comfortable and versatile bras on the market today.