Why Careful Design Matters

The True&Co. Size Range

“Hey True&Co., when are you going to make bras in my size?”

It’s a question we get a lot. And we get it! Everyone wants bras that are designed to fit, and look great, too. The short answer is: We’re working on it, hard. The longer answer? We are not going to try to sell you a bra until it has been crafted for and wear tested by bodies like yours. And we’re not going to make false fit promises for the sake of marketing until we do.

Request a size on our Size Wish List and share your thoughts with our Customer Experience team by writing us at support@trueandco.com.

No Compromises On Quality

When you think about the construction of a bra, it makes sense that there would be structural differences between a bra designed for an A or B cup, and a bra made for an H cup. Simply put: Bigger breasts need different design details to ensure that they will support you without discomfort.   So expanding a size range should not be as simple as mathematically scaling up a bra that was originally created for a “standard” 34B fit model. And unfortunately, that’s by and large what’s happening with other bra companies that suddenly, and drastically, expand their size range. They’re not creating products specifically for your body: They’re scaling up already existing products to increase their revenue, and are making you false promises in the process.

We Won’t Be Irresponsible With Your Body

Is this false promise a big deal? You bet. A bra that has been lazily designed can hurt. It can cause pain. It can be uncomfortable, and can lead to women wearing bras that fit incorrectly for years because of marketing jargon. We do not want to trick you into wearing a bra that has not been made for your body just so that we can say we’ve expanded our size range.   You have so many choices of bra companies online these days. You can’t sign onto social media without being hit with ads from a bra company. Many of these companies make big claims about creating products for all sizes. But are they selling the exact same bra from size A to size DDD, or F, or H? Do they call out specific components for these larger sizes that promise better support? If they can’t tell you what they’re doing differently, it’s because they’re not doing anything at all, except exercising lazy design to sell more bras.

Help Us Design The Best Bras For You

We won’t rush into product releases for the sake of revenue, but we will put in the time, resources, and effort into designing and testing products that will allow us to expand our size range on our terms… and yours. When we released Gramercy Balconette Full Cup (which went up to 38DD), we raised the center gore of the bra and fully restructured the cup to provide more support. This was a small scale version of what we plan to do to expand our size range on a larger scale.

And the time is right now. But we need more data from you to make the best bras for your body. We mean it when we say that we’re on a bra mission: We want to do right by our customers, and only put out products that we believe in.   How can you help? Fill out our Size Wish List and write us at support@trueandco.com.  By sharing this data with us, you’re helping us understand how we can design bras that are good for you. Once you do, you’ll be the first to know when those products have come to life.   We don’t believe in making bras for marketing purposes: We believe in making bras for real bodies. Thank you for helping us make that happen.