Sports Bras for Nursing Mothers

Nursing should be considered a sport all in itself, it takes practice, it requires special gear and it’s a team effort (mom + baby).  Whether it’s your first foray into motherhood or you’ve breastfed multiple babies, finding a bra that is not only comfortable but great for feeding is essential.  Many moms turn to sports bras for a great combination of fit and functionality while nursing, and also returning to post partum activity.

Nursing Sport Bra Shopping Tips

When you start nursing, you’ll likely find that your previous sports bras not only don’t provide the necessary accessibility but often don’t fit your temporarily larger breasts (and potentially ribcage as it does widen during pregnancy).  When looking for new sports bra options, consider the following factors:

Added Comfort for Sensitive Skin

Nursing moms know that skin, especially around the nipple, becomes uber sensitive at the onset of nursing (and for many at various times throughout their journey).  Seek construction made for comfort that moves with you and allows for fluctuations in size as your milk fills and depletes throughout the day.  Sizing up in the cup will also allow you to insert breast pads to manage leakage if necessary, without compressing milk ducts (no more mastitis!).

Wireless Support for Lifting

Equally as important as comfort is support, and many prefer wirefree both for sports and nursing bras.  Once again, when breasts are full of milk (especially if you leave baby to go workout and come back just before a feeding, yep, sneaking in that time is a quickly acquired skill of the newborn mom), you’ll want extra lift to support them, without restriction that can cause further sensitivity.

Sweat Wicking

No matter the workout you choose, moving your body should feel good again, not leave you with a pool of boob sweat to deal with before nursing (per above, you may come home to a hangry baby and not have time for even a quick shower prior to nursing).  To help manage moisture, look for cooling materials and added breathability from design details such as strategically placed mesh panels.

Easy On & Off

Last, but likely most important, is the on/off factor.  Typical nursing bras feature cups that clip off, and some moms find traditional sports bras with adjustable straps or zip front closures do the trick.  But the quickest and easiest way may be a pull over style which allows immediate access to both breasts (especially if nursing multiples!).

Nursing Mom’s Favorite True&Co Bras

Checking all of the above boxes, these customer tested and mom approved options will serve you well from workouts to weaning and well beyond.

True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra

With over 1100 reviews and four stars, saying Lift Scoop Neck Bra is a crowd pleaser would be an understatement.  And it’s no surprise with a comfort focused design that keeps it shape and retains stretch, key for nursing fluctuations.  The lower neckline and complementary ballet inspired back make this bra easy to slip down a strap or completely pull over with ease.  Made of our softest material for a smooth feel but a heavier weight for increased support, the scoop neck delivers life changing lift.  Available in over a dozen colors and up to 2X, this go-to bra is a classic for a reason, and an essential for every body.

True Body Lift Scoop Adjustable Strap Bra

If you find your cup size has changed, or tends to fluctuate while nursing, we’ve got you covered.  Designed for DD+, find your perfect fit by first matching your numerical bra size to a letter size XS-XL and then standard (32A-38D) or full cup (30DDD/F-38DDD/F).  With the same scoop neck, smooth material and wirefree stretch as the original above, this adjustable strap variation delivers ample lift and support, and all day comfort, nursing or not.

Whether you’re just starting your breastfeeding journey or working on weaning, True&Co wants to support you and your comfort.  After all, when you’ve got a newborn on your hands, the last thing you should be worried about is an uncomfortable bra.  These styles should take you through your day, wake up(s) to workout and all the feedings in between.