How to Store Bras: At Home & Traveling

Whether you’re an organizational zen master or a novice at best, very often it’s our bras that end up the most neglected in our everyday space-making struggles. It should come as no surprise that leaving bras to hang by a single strap or stuffing them into a drawer is an organizational no-go. Instead, let’s give our most supportive pieces the TLC they deserve, using the best storage methods to avoid overstretching and shape loss, both at home and while traveling.

How to Store Bras at Home

Not everyone’s got the walk-in closet of their dreams, but maximizing your lingerie’s

lifespan has more to do with being thoughtful about order and arrangement than having sprawling storage space. Plus, keeping bras together by activity or occasion means never having to rifle through drawers, closets or a dedicated organizer so that (bonus!) getting dressed in the mornings will take just a fraction of the time.

How to Store Bras in a Drawer

Bras are delicate. We wash them by hand or on the gentle setting of laundry machines, so it’s important to continue that same soft touch when it comes to storage. Resist the urge to fold (most) bras in order to consolidate space and instead, stack them display-case-style, with the cups nestled inside one another. A drawer separator or organizer will help maintain a precise lineup so that bras ultimately hold their shape longer.

Bra Drawer Organizer

Drawer organizers, including simple dividers and dedicated bra boxes, help separate, protect and keep individual bras upright. Space permitting, molded bra partitions are great for extending the longevity of underwire and padded styles, and there are even storage systems to coordinate matching bra-and-panties sets. Keeping darker bras apart from lighter ones will also help prevent transfer of dyes and pigment stains, especially after a wash.

Folding Bras

The only bras that can stand up to folding or rolling are sports bras or flat, non-wired bras such as those from our True Body collection , but order here is also key. To store them properly, neatly set them apart in a lingerie drawer — never crumple or toss them together. Insider tip: keep your sports bras easily accessible so that your inability to find one doesn’t become an excuse to skip a workout!


How to Hang Bras

No room in the dresser or drawers in your closet system? No worries! Bras can definitely be hung like garments, but keep in mind that there is some finessing involved. Bras weigh too much to simply toss a single strap over the top of a hanger because it would cause overstretching. Instead, as in retail lingerie stores, suspend bras from both straps using individual hangers — bonus points for matching them to coordinating undies — with enough space between them to avoid misshapes from overcrowding. To protect delicate bra fabrics and embellishments, be sure to choose hangers that are cloth-wrapped or softly padded.

Bra Hanger

Regular hangers are perfectly suitable for bra storage, but consider investing in a few specialty versions which can help optimize limited closet space. Choose an option that has capacity for just a few bras or can accommodate an entire intimates wardrobe, depending on your specific needs.

When it comes to multi-bra hangers, make sure they can hold bras from the straps as opposed to those with a clamping design that can only grip and suspend bras from the center.


DIY Bra Organizer

Not ready to splurge on a full-blown facelift for your closet? Not a problem. Plenty of DIY solutions can be improvised with simple, everyday materials you probably already have on hand:

1. Divide drawers using cardboard scraps collected from deliveries and parcels.

2. Create a vertical bra rack on the inside of your closet door by linking several hangers together; one bra per hanger saves space while ensuring accessibility. This will work best for True&Co structured t-shirt bras.

3. Our True Body Collection, as well as other non-wired flat bras or sports bras, can be neatly rolled and placed into a lingerie drawer divided with kid-size shoe boxes — voila, an organizational game-changer!


Bra Storage for Travel

Bras are often the last items we pack, since it’s easier to work them in after figuring out our specific travel wardrobing needs. It’s tempting to just squeeze them into available suitcase spaces, but the same storage rules apply whether at home or in vacation mode. Since items often shift in luggage, consider investing in a separate travel bag to protect bras from the dirty undersoles of shoes or beauty products that may leak. To help bras keep their shape, try balling socks up and placing them inside of each cup — this trick is also helpful if your trip involves multiple stops with little unpacking along the way. Once arriving at your final destination, lay bras out in a drawer as soon as possible.

Bra Bag

Store bras in a simple travel bag to keep them organized in flat, upright stacks making them easy to grab when you’re on the go. More elaborate two-in-one versions also have compartments for underwear, like mini dresser-drawers, so they’re great for streamlining luggage.

No matter which storage solution you choose, remember: bras are the workhorses of your wardrobe, but are still quite delicate and need to be handled with gentle care. Ultimately, the better you are to your bras, the more mileage can expect to get from them — from workdays to workouts, weekends, evenings and travels.