What is a Plunge Bra?

Ever struggle to find the right bra to wear under a particularly tricky neckline? If you have, you’re not alone. Deep v-neck tops and dresses pose a particular challenge because their revealing cuts expose the middle of most bras, also known as their center bridge or gore. That’s where plunge bras come in. These specially designed bras are sloped much lower in the front to accommodate dramatic dips in clothing. By pushing from the outside in, plunge bras can fill out your tops by enhancing cleavage, and best of all their unique design is flattering on a wide range of cup sizes and body shapes.

Most Common Types of Plunge Bras

Deep Plunge Bra

Because of its deeply scooped design, a plunge bra is the perfect choice to wear beneath low cut silhouettes. The center gore can be v- or u-shaped and the underband, which typically rests lower on the body, is made wider to ensure proper support. Unlike some plunge bras which can cause spillover near the underarms, every detail has been considered in the design of True&Co. plunge bras, which sculpt a flattering shape that’s also perfectly secure.

Strapless Plunge Bra

Think of a strapless plunge bra as the most stealth operator in your intimates wardrobe. Practically undetectable under clothing, it’s an ideal choice under anything that’s off-the-shoulder or sleeveless. And, in lieu of straps, this type of bra will often have hidden support features such as adhesive lining or rubberized gripper tape to prevent slipping.

U Plunge Bra

As its name implies, a u-plunge bra is defined by the dramatically curved dip in its center gore. So, how low can you go? Pretty low, actually. Some are designed to sit well below the bustline and show a good amount of cleavage, making it the right shape for wearing with particularly revealing styles. The sharper cut of v-shaped bras offers similar coverage.

Plunge Push-Up Bra

Plunge push-up bras are great because the cups are positioned to accommodate low-cut tops, plus they have built-in padding to give your natural assets a significant boost. These shape-enhancers essentially pull double-duty to support while remaining fully concealed under clothing.

Backless Plunge Bra

Backless plunge bras take hold by hugging the body using non-slip gripped rubber linings or adhesive panels. Even though there’s little else to support the cups, they’re more comfortable than “sticky” bras designed to simply cling to the breasts. These bras really do work, so get ready to welcome skin-baring blazers and open dresses back into your eveningwear edit.

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