How to Hide Bra Straps

Off the shoulder, halter, strapless and spaghetti strap.  These shirt and dress styles have long caused concerns for the wearer when it comes to what type of bra works best underneath.  It’s true, certain necklines pose challenges for hiding bra straps, and preventing them from slipping out.  If these styles are among some of your favorites, we’ve got the answers to avoid annoying fashion faux pas.

How to Hide Bra Straps

Options for hiding bra straps vary based on the style/neckline you’re trying to wear, with off the shoulder and strapless styles obviously requiring straps to not exist at all.  But issues arise with halter tops and even spaghetti strap styles, where the standard shoulder strap from cup to back band style bra likely will show, or slip out while wearing.

First, let’s look at a few alternate bra options, then tackle the most challenging of bra strap issues and how to handle them.


Alternate Bra Options

Beyond the strapless, it’s worth having a few alternative styles in your lingerie drawer to call upon based on the fashion need.  Sometimes it’s not a neckline issue but simply a sneaky strap slipping out, and not in a cute way.  In these situations, convertible strap and racerback styles give you options to control undesired strap show.  Another versatile option, the built in bra tank top allows you to skip the bra all together, without skipping the support.


Convertible Strap Bras

A convertible strap bra is just as the name implies, one where the standard top of cup to back of band line of the straps is able to be modified into a racerback to pull those lines inward.  A versatile addition to your wardrobe, choose a style like the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra, which features slim straps and a plunging neckline, making it well suited to many tops and dresses.


Racerback Bras

Similar to the alternative strap configuration on a convertible strap bra, the racerback style is a classic for comfort, as well as avoiding traditional strap lines.  Our take on the  style goes one step further in soft lace, ensuring ultimate style.  The True Body Triangle Lace Racerback delivers wirefree lift and feels like wearing nothing at all (our favorite feeling).


Tank Top with Built in Bra

When it’s easier to skip the bra all together, consider an option like the True Body Adjustable Strap Tank.  Worn on its own or as a layering piece, slim straps are easy to conceal and no elastic or bulky seams make it virtually disappear under clothes.  Supportive and sleek, this foundational piece is a great alternative to banish bra straps.


Show Off a Cute Bra – Mesh or Lace

Another option to hiding bra straps is simply to not.  Instead, embrace the show through with a bit of intentional detail such as mesh or lace.  Our Soft Lace Wireless Bralette offers a comfortable and beautiful alternative, with soft lace cups that contour breasts for a natural look.  Allow this effortless style to peek out just a bit from a low cut top or be on full display in a see through style.


Bra Strap Clip or Paper Clip

Whether you go old school with a paper clip or invest a few dollars (multiple come to a pack for under $10) in a specifically made bra clip, these can also be a last minute lifesaver to have on hand for an unexpected outfit change or accidentally forgetting to pack a second bra.  Grab a few and keep one in your gym bag, glove compartment and clutch for just in case preparedness day and night.


Common Bra Strap Issues

Now, let’s get specific with a few of the most challenging top/dress styles to pair with a bra that won’t let straps show.  Starting with the halter and spaghetti strap, and making our way to the more challenging off the shoulder (including one shoulder) and strapless tops/dresses.


Hiding Bra Straps with Halter Tops

With a halter top, you have not only an open back but typically an angled front neckline as the top wraps around the back of one’s neck.  Your best bet here, depending on how much support and coverage you prefer, is either a built in shelf style bra that is part of the top/dress or a strapless bra, with which you may be able to use a single strap attached at both ends and worn around the neck, following the line of the halter.  If the back isn’t open, or you are ok adding a bit of design to the open back, the racerback style is also an option. In the latter case we’d suggest a lace option to create an intentional look.


Hiding Bra Straps with Spaghetti Strap Tops

Spaghetti straps live up to their name, featuring straps thinner than most bra straps. Seek out options with straps slim enough to conceal (sometimes referred to as a “skinny strap bra”) like the True Body Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap Bra.  Alternatively, consider a tank top with a built in bra which avoids the challenge of matching bra color exactly to your top, a feat even if both are basic black or white.


Hiding Bra Straps with Off the Shoulder Tops

Whether cold shoulder, one shoulder or completely off the shoulder, strapless is again your best bet here.  A multi-way option with convertible straps allows for flexibility, allowing you to choose from classic straps, racerback, one-shoulder or strapless.  We’d suggest having both a nude and black option in your arsenal, up to you whether either/both are simple or sexy.


Hiding Bra Straps with Strapless Dresses

We won’t state the obvious here, and by now you’re seeing a pattern in how to hide bra straps…avoid wearing them!  But really, it is worth finding a strapless bra you love, and we promise, once you find one that truly fits, it can stay up and be comfortable, making it super versatile, dare we say, every day, at least in the summer, wear.  Per above, bonus points if it’s a multiway option for when you don’t need to hide the straps.

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