What is a Thong?

At True&Co, we spend a lot of time designing bras, styles focused on comfort for every body and made of materials that feel like a second skin.  But these same tenants apply to your lower half as well, and perhaps most importantly for one often controversial style, the thong.


What Makes a Thong?

By definition, the thong style of underwear is made of a larger front and smaller back triangle, connected by a band, whether wide or thin, with little to no cheek coverage.


Thong Designs

With the basic idea in mind, there are variations of the thong design that indicate more or less coverage.  While a classic thong has a slightly thicker band and more material for front and back coverage, a G-string typically features a smaller front triangle and little to none at the back, with elastic straps instead of a fabric band. On the flip side, a tanga is a combination of a bikini front and a wider thong back which provides a bit more cheek coverage.


Common Materials

While many think of thongs as a sexy, lacy style, many are also made of fabrics like cotton and microfiber for breathability.  Look for a durable material that stretches for comfort and can move with you throughout the day.


Purpose of Thongs

The main goal of the thong style is to provide coverage and protection between your body and your clothing, without showing through.  Many women prefer the style with form fitting pants, skirts and dresses and also feel the style gives them added confidence for intimate occasions.


Reducing Panty Lines

If VPL (visible panty lines) are your worst enemy, a thong may be your best friend.  Seamless construction is key to smoothing and achieving an invisible look under clothing. Low rise and high rise options meet your wardrobe needs.


Considered Comfortable

There tend to be two camps when it comes to thongs: lovers and haters.  If you’re stuck in the middle ground, loving the look but not having found your perfect fit yet, it’s worth it to keep trying as comfortable styles do exist for every size and shape (read on for a few of our favorites).  Once converted, some women find thongs to be the most comfortable underwear style and swear by them underneath even thicker pants and tights.


Stylish Designs

Just like other styles, thongs range greatly from everyday basic to date night details, and of course, many options in between.  Depending on how long you’ll be wearing a specific pair, you might pick a less practical design that is more form over function. But having a few solid go-to’s that are comfortable enough to wear all day long is a worthwhile addition to your arsenal.


Types of Thongs

True&Co has you covered (albeit slightly less on the backside) with a range of thongs made to pair with your favorite bra styles and colors.


Traditional Thong

Our everyday essential, the True Body Thong is soft and seamless, truly invisible under clothes.  A low-rise, bare cheek made of our barely-there microfiber without elastic or bulky seams smooths in neutrals, stripes and fun pops of vibrant color.


Lace Thong

Lingerie for everyday?  Lace thongs can offer cheek, smoothing fit with beautiful detail.  It is best to look for lace thongs with elastic waist and leg to deliver effortless all day comfort.


High Rise Thong

As higher pant and skirt rises have come into fashion, so has the return of higher waisted underwear.  Embracing your natural waist, high rise thongs flatter your silhouette, hugging curves while smoothing.  Look for a seamless design and soft fabric to deliver a barely there feel.

Whether you just need to update your underwear drawer or are in the market for a matching set, True&Co’s lineup of thongs are made to move keeping you comfortable, and your panty lines invisible.