Back Smoothing Bras

Style. Support. Smoothing. Does your bra have all three?  While many bras, especially those for larger sizes, claim to control back fat, few actually are designed to smooth rolls, instead resulting in annoying bra bulge.  When shopping for a new bra, awareness of a few key causes of bra bulge as well as features that help back smoothing are key to creating a truly seamless contour.

What Causes Bra Bulge?

Bra bulge is the result of either, or both, improper sizing and band construction.

Bra Bands that are Too Tight

First and foremost, a bra band that is too tight will create unwanted bulge as it cuts in both above and below.  Not only is this uncomfortable, but it ultimately results in a lack of support as your bra band is the main source of support in your bra’s construction (nope, not the straps, so don’t overcompensate by tightening them too much, at the risk of cutting in at the shoulders too, double whammy).

Thin Bra Bands

A thin band can be another culprit as it doesn’t allow enough material to adequately cover and help to distribute the body underneath.  Look for a band that is both lower set and has a bit more side panel which will typically require a wider band.

Bras with the Traditional Back Clasp

A last consideration for band construction is the back clasp itself.  A traditional back clasp can range from one or two to up to five hook and eye closures.  While it’s not strictly a “more is more” scenario here, this bra build is typically less smoothing overall, and fewer closures may indicate a thinner band, per above.  Test and learn what works best for you, or consider a construction that forgos the clasp entirely.


What Bra Features Help With Back Smoothing?

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s focus on what features to look for in a bra that truly delivers back smoothing.  Starting where we left off above, we’ll explore why pull-over or no-clasp designs are a great option, as are wireless styles.  And of course, whichever style you prefer, a proper fit is crucial to comfort, support and smoothing.

Pull-Over / No-Clasp Bras

A pull-over style which avoids the issue of a clasp can provide additional smoothing as it is essentially a solid back panel instead of a small strap of material across the back. Made from the right materials, this type of bra can keep its shape and move with you while retaining its stretch and support, all without pesky lines and uncomfortable bulge.

Wireless Bras

Wired bras are typically less flexible than their wirefree counterparts, cutting in and causing bulge in multiple areas.  Avoid the discomfort while still having your pick of style with the full lineup of True&Co wireless bras, from triangle to scoop neck, longline to racerback including styles made for sizes up to 3X and designed for DD+.  With no seams or wires to dig in, a good wireless bra should fit like a second skin, naked only better.

Properly Fitting Bras

Lastly, it shouldn’t go without saying that proper bra sizing is essential for a great fit, and a properly fitting bra should be your first step to minimizing any issues with back bulge.  Where to start?  Check out our guide How to Measure Bra Size to first find your perfect size.  Then go check out our all time favorites:

Our Favorite Back Smoothing Bras

Already know your size?  Great, then it’s really a matter of style preference, and we’ve got you covered with options for straps, backs and neck designs to pair with any outfit choices.

Thick Strap Smoothing Bra

If you’re in need of a bra that not only smooths your back but doesn’t cut into your shoulders, seek out an option with thicker straps. The wirefree, pull over style of our True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra delivers smooth comfort from our softest fabric in a heavier weight for maximum support.  With a ballet inspired rounded back and lower front neckline, this versatile style may become your new go-to.

Mesh Back Smoothing Bra

Solid back construction offers ultimate smoothing but can feel like you’re wearing a crop top instead of a bra. Not so with the design of our True Body Lift Mesh Scoop Neck Bra  which features cooling mesh panels for extra air flow. Offering the same support and lift of the original above, rotate this option in on warmer days or with open back tops.

Racerback Strap Smoothing Bra

Love the mesh but prefer a racerback strap style?  Look no further than the True Body Lift Racerback Full which features a v-neck silhouette.   Available in both standard cup (A-D) and full cup coverage for DD/E and DDD/F sizes.  Breathability, Comfort and Coverage?  Check. Check. Check.

Adjustable Strap Smoothing Bra

With the same material and wirefree construction as the styles above, the True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra also delivers comfort and support (up to an inch of lift!), but instead of a fixed strap offers adjustability.  Designed for DD+ sizes, triangle cups contour and elevate while removable pads give you options for coverage. 

With a lineup of styles meant to fit and feel great, True&Co offers bras that boost your confidence and comfort.  And best of all, returns are free and easy so finding your perfect match is no risk, all reward.