Best Nursing Sleep Bra

Sleep, what was sleep again?  Jokes aside, all new moms know that the ever elusive idea of a good night’s sleep can be further complicated by the side effects of breastfeeding, from discomfort caused by milk fluctuations to leakage.  So when baby’s not waking you, be sure your bra isn’t either by finding a nursing sleep bra that both functions and fits well.


What is a Nursing Sleep Bra

Whether you slept in a bra before or during pregnancy, many women will find a sleep bra helpful if they choose to breastfeed.  Made specifically for night-time feedings, nursing sleep bras provide easy access while offering support for fuller breasts and allowing for placement of nursing pads.


Nursing Bra Shopping Tips

As you begin your breastfeeding journey, you’ll likely want a few nursing sleep bras to wear in rotation (trust us, there’s enough laundry when you have a new baby).  Whether you stock up on one style or try a few variations, look for these key elements when shopping:


Easy On & Off for Feeding

Not only will you not want to be fiddling with a tricky closure in the middle of the night, but your hungry baby likely won’t have developed much patience at this point either.  Give both of you a break and ensure your #1 decision factor is the primary reason for the bra in the first place – it needs to allow access to your breast as easily as possible.


Comfortable Fabric for Sensitive Skin

Nipples aren’t the only part of your breast that might be more sensitive during your breastfeeding journey, in fact, your skin may be more susceptible to breakouts or other irritations due to hormonal fluctuations.  Baby your skin just like you do your baby’s and find the softest, gentlest fabrics for a comfortable, second skin fit.


Wireless Support

The only, and we mean only, thing you should be woken up by when you’re night nursing is the small human who relies on you for nourishment.  So underwires be gone.  Seriously though, there’s no need for additional wakeups from something poking into your side, or potential serious discomfort from blocked milk ducts caused by underwire, especially when ample support can be achieved with wirefree construction.


Mom’s Favorite Nursing Sleep True&Co Bras

At True&Co, many of us are moms and have been, or are now, right there in the same boat as you are, looking for a solution to a multipronged situation that involves both you and your newborn.  We designed our True Body Lift lineup to support women of all shapes and sizes, through all of the phases of a female’s life, especially the bespoke journey to and through motherhood (for more background, check out our Mother’s Day celebration, True Loves Moms).

Here are a few of our favorite, but more importantly, you, our customers, favorite, bras for sleep while nursing:

True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra

Our softest material with increased support and adjustable straps combine in this triangle style made for comfort and ease.  Wirefree and easy to pull on and off, you may just wear this go-to bra day, and night.


True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra

Over 1200 four star reviews give you an idea of why this bra is a crowd favorite.  A lower front neckline matches a rounded ballet back, keeping shape and stretch with everyday wear, even under the demands of nursing.  Just like the above, this wirefree, pull over style is made of our softest fabric, smooth and supportive in a classic scoop style.


True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra

Just when you thought the scoop had a lot of fans, meet the nearly 1500 lovers of this versatile triangle style.  Super soft True Body microfiber offers a barely there feel perfect for nightwear and the plunging neckline and pull over design offer options for access.  Comfort meets convertible, so you can wear its slim straps standard at night and racerback by day (we just know you won’t want to relegate this one to just sleep).

You’ve got enough on your mind (and body) when you’re nursing, so we at True&Co hope we can help simplify your search and find the fit truly best for you, and baby.