Our Fit Quiz Spills Its Secrets

 True&Co. was born from a broken system. The bad dressing room lighting, the measuring tape, the handsy salesperson. None of it was working for us, and we’re guessing you may feel the same. So we dreamt up a different approach to bra shopping that centered around our now famous Fit Quiz. A quick and painless online quiz that hands over a spot-on description of your shape + your Top 3 Bras at the end. Here’s how it works:  

Question & Answer

At this point in your life you’ve been trained to think in band and cup sizes only. But here at True&Co. we know that doesn’t tell the whole story. So our Fit Quiz asks questions like ‘How are your straps fitting?’ or ‘Is there gaping between your cup and breast?’ and ‘Is there spillage on the sides or back?’ to define your true shape. Maybe you’ve got shallow cups, or sit wide and low. Or you’ll land yourself a spot in our acclaimed BBBs (Big Breasted Babes) club. You’ll never know until you take our quiz.  

Like Magic

From your answers, our master algorithm churns out a precise description of your boobs (spoiler: we think they look great exactly as they are) and then offers up your Top 3 bra options as a starting point. It may include our best-selling True Body V Neck Bra or our knock ‘em out Bare Plunge Bra. Whatever your results, with data taken from over 5 million women we feel confident we’ve got styles that are destined to become your new breast friend. No fitting room required.

Take our Fit Quiz today and find your Top 3 Bras.

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