GRLSWIRL Partnership

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role as Design Director for True&Co. is working with really amazing women. Our mostly female photography crews have been no exception. One such woman was Tobi Ann, who skated up to the set one day in Venice with her long hair and knee socks. I wondered, “Who is this tomboy mermaid?” That was how I first found out about GRLSWIRL.

While listening to Tobi talk about this group of women, I was struck by the sense of sisterhood (down to how they tease each other), their support for each other and inclusiveness in getting other girls involved in this fun-loving and daring world of skating. 

I immediately knew I wanted to partner with this community on a project. Their ethos on women supporting each other, inclusivity, boldness, and their love of life felt so aligned with what True&Co. strives for every day. It felt like a match made in heaven, but on what project...

When True Weekend Cotton Stretch was set to launch, I knew it was the perfect moment. They were so at home in the product it was easy to tell this story! 

The super-soft cotton moved with them whether they were skating through the hills of Mt. Washington or jumping on the bed eating chips and guac. 

They helped style themselves with the sporty looks in how they'd actually wear the pieces and loved how the bras felt natural but still supported them. It's been an unforgettable experience working with them on the shoot and learning more about the other inspiring members in GRLSWIRL through this partnership.

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