Are Bras Bad For You?

Every so often, the internet debate over whether or not to wear a bra resurfaces, whether via celebrity influence or medical research (no judgement for whichever you put more stock in).  In either case, it might just make you question why you’ve been wearing one for the vast majority of your life, for many starting at a very young age.  Before you join in and ditch the bra entirely, let’s break down the pros and cons of the category including various styles, and look at how a properly fitting bra can support you, especially in specific situations. 

Is There Evidence Bras Are Bad For You? 

The collective wisdom of the internet aside, there’s little hard evidence that bras are “bad” for you and your breast health.  Myths regarding hindering growth, promoting or preventing sagging and linkage to breast cancer have all been widely disproven.  


One popular French study claimed that for women between the ages of 18-35 not wearing a bra forced them to have better posture and stronger muscles underneath the breasts, aiding in natural lift, however, the limitations around sample size and other contributing factors indicate that the real outcome of the study is not that women who have been wearing bras should stop but rather that there may not be a scientific benefit to start wearing a bra in the first place.  We take this to support that young girls likely don’t need training bras as early as some may consider starting to wear them but as always, at True&Co we want every woman, no matter her age, to feel as comfortable in her body as possible, so if that means wearing a bra, for any reason, we support her decision.


Is it Bad to Sleep with A Bra On?

On the issue of sleeping in a bra, again, there’s little to no scientific evidence indicating for or against this practice, so it really comes down to your comfort. There are certainly some positives for specific situations and recommendations for the best type of bra to ensure maximum comfort and no sleep disruptions, which we delve into in depth in our take on Is It Bad to Sleep in a Bra?  But the net net is once again, whatever you personally feel best in, is what’s best for you and your breasts.


Are Sports Bras Bad for You?

There’s also frequent conversation on the category of sports bras as they are typically designed to compress breasts and inhibit movement during physical activity.  Research on this subject specifically has indicated that women who find a properly fitting sports bra are more likely to exercise, which is of course, good for your overall health.  Especially for women with larger chests, finding a sports bra with an adequate level of support can reduce pain while working out, meaning you can focus on the exercise itself rather than movement of your breasts.


Are Bras Good For You?

On the flip side of the argument, the main question becomes whether bras are simply aesthetic (also a perfectly fine reason to wear one), or if they can actually promote health, meaning is wearing a bra good for you?  Obviously, as a bra company, we’re a bit biased, but, we also believe in transparency and want to share the facts so you can make a decision that’s best for you.  So let’s break it down honestly:


Can Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging?

Breast sagging is a natural reality that many women will deal with in their lifetime.  While it can be annoying, it’s generally not a medical concern and evidence suggests that it both cannot be prevented nor caused by wearing a bra.  The condition mainly breaks down to genetics, except in one case, exercise, which can increase your risk of damage to the ligaments underneath the breasts so per above, a sports bra when used specifically for physical activity, in most cases will do more good than harm.


Can Bras Help With Back Pain?

For well endowed women, the idea of not wearing a bra may be daunting, as a properly fitted bra helps to not only naturally contour and contain bouncing but also to manage potential back and spine issues.  As the majority of a bras support comes from the band, ensuring it's not too loose will also avoid extra strain on muscles in your upper back.


Why to Wear a Bra?

So if you’re not at risk of pain and aren’t working out, do you still need a bra?  It truly depends on your comfort and desired appearance.  Bras can help shape and smooth, as well as adjust breast size (minimizer bras vs push up styles).  Styles such as bralettes can be worn as more of a fashion piece.  And we promise, when you find the right combination of size, style and shape a bra can actually, really, truly be comfortable.  For a bit more detail, check out our full rundown on Why to Wear a Bra, complete with bra alternatives and trickier coverage solutions.


True&Co. Bras Great For Your Breasts

Like we said, we fully admit to bra wearing bias, but it’s large in part because of our intentional design and material selection that focuses ultimately on true comfort.  Our entire True Body collection is made up of styles that naturally lift and contour, supporting your specific shape and size.  From classic scoops and v-necks to customer favorite adjustable strap and t-shirt bras, and specific construction including breathable mesh and full cup designs, all are made of second skin like microfiber meant to feel barely there and look invisible under clothes.


True Body Lift

Life changing lift (up to one full inch), smoothing support (from our softest, buttery fabric) and all day comfort combine in our True Body Lift Scoop Adjustable Strap Bra. A great example of the entire Lift lineup, this style features a wirefree channel and pull over design for maximum ease.  Designed for both standard and full (DD+) cup, with removable pads for further coverage customization.  And that barely there feel we promised?  Delivered via material that is made to retain shape and stretch even with everyday wear (because once you’ve tried it on, you might want to do just that).

lift bra


True Body

With over 1500 reviews and a four star ranking, the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra is not only a fan favorite, but a perfect example of how a bra can actually be good for you (and your wardrobe).  A plunging neckline and slim straps that convert from standard to racerback promise ultimate versatility, alongside all day comfort.  We skipped any elastic or bulky seams to ensure it disappears under clothes - in fact, thanks to our softest, smoothing True Body microfiber, you might just forget you have it on at all.  It’s kind of like going braless, only better!

true body bra

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