All About Gramercy

Our Bestselling Balconette Looks Amazing On Everyone.

We talk a lot about breast shape here at True, and why it makes a huge difference in how certain bras fit (or don’t). But with every rule is a beautiful, lacy exception: our Gramercy bra. Gramercy, and Gramercy+, look good on everyone. Every bra size, every breast shape — it’s a modern lingerie miracle. At the very least, there’s a reason Gramercy is one of our number one go-tos.  

The Balconette Silhouette Lifts From The Bottom We can’t think about Gramercy without thinking of glamorous starlettes from the ‘40s and ‘50s — Marilyn, Lauren, and Katherine would totally rock a gorgeous balconette bra, and with good reason. The way the bra is built allows it to lift your breasts from the bottom, without pushing them up to your chin (and without bulky padding — this baby, is light, airy and unlined). This allows the bra to subtly shape and support you, without taking away from your natural loveliness. 

It Makes Your Breasts Front And Center Right along with that sneaky lifting action is some serious side support — Gramercy holds everything in (side boob included) and centers your breasts. Not only is this supportive, it looks fantastic under tops. 

It’s So.Damn.Pretty All of this support is fine and well, but Gramercy pulls it off while simultaneously being gorgeous. We custom designed this super soft lace with a modern foliage pattern (inspired by New York’s parks!) to look smooth and, better yet, feel soft (no pretty-but-itchy lace here). And we didn’t stop there — we made Gramercy in a range of colors to complement every style and skin tone.  

We love seeing the way you wear Gramercy! Show us your balconette style on twitter @trueandco_us!

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