Helping Your Daughter Buy Her First Bra

Looking for your daughter’s first bra is an emotional experience; As a mother, it may be bittersweet (remember your First Fit?!), and for your daughter, it’s usually part exciting, part nerve-wracking, and possibly embarrassing. No matter what jumble of emotions you’re feeling, buying a first bra is a big moment for you both.   First-time mom and daughter shoppers will have plenty of questions. Here are a few tips to help make the bra shopping process easier and more enjoyable.  

Know When to Start Shopping For many young girls in their pre-teen and early teen years, buying their first bra or bralette feels like a right of passage. Their friends at school may already be wearing a training bra and they want to fit in and share in the excitement. At the same time or a bit later, your young daughter may start to develop breasts and it’ll be appropriate, and more comfortable for her, to have a bit of support and coverage beneath her tops. The average age girls start wearing bras is eleven, but some may need to start as young as eight while other girls can wait until age 14.      

Knowing the right time to buy your daughter her first bra will ultimately depend on you and your daughter. Have a conversation with her and remember to be sensitive because whether your daughter actually needs a bra or not, it may be more emotionally charged.   Take your shopping online and reduce your stress and her nerves. At True, we’ve designed a helpful Fit Quiz to provide customized suggestions, and have made it easy to find the styles you’re looking for. We offer plenty of age appropriate pieces that are both comfortable and the right amount of stylish. Choose from wirefree, bralette style, and demi bras made with subtle underwire support that will meet both of your needs. Returns are always free, so after you have your at-home fashion show, you can return whatever doesn’t fit or feel right.  

You Have Options  

Remember, your daughter’s first bra doesn’t have to be the padded, push-up styles we see in department stores. They can be unlined, unpadded, and wireless to provide a minimal amount of shaping and coverage. Our True Body Collection features wireless bras made for all-day comfort that are optimal as first-time bras and transition wonderfully as your daughter’s breasts develop. Finding a subtly supportive easy fit bra or bralette can help ease the discomfort of sore breasts and any embarrassment from having nipples show through a top.      

Celebrate This Milestone  

You’re not going crazy. Your little girl really is growing up faster than you could have imagined. Purchasing her first bra is a milestone in both of your lives and it can be something to bond over together and celebrate. Rather than risk feeling awkward in the wrong store, pick out a few pieces from our online shop and let your daughter try on the options at home with you for a special mother-daughter experience.    

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