My First Fit

girl standing in black plunge bra

By this point, you don’t think twice about wearing one. But if you think way back there was a pre-bra time in your life. And of course, a fateful first bra shopping experience.

Maybe you desperately wanted a beautiful bra because your older sister was already wearing them or maybe you and your best friends all decided to try them on for size at the same time. A mall fitting room was probably involved.

illustration of a bra fitting

Or – most likely – you had a Mom that gave you a knowing nudge and took you shopping for your first feeling comfortable and confident all day long. So you listened. Or you fought her kicking and screaming because there was no way you wanted to strap yourself into one of those things. Sorry Ma.. we get it now.

girl in bra standing in road with desert behind her

Sound familiar? We want to hear your own stories of shopping for your first bra – the good, the bad and the hilarious.  Did you hide it in the gym locker room or flaunt it under a fitted sweater? Either way we’re betting it had a tiny pink bow in the center.

Share your firstFit Quiz instead. And feel free to tell your Mom. 


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