We’re always inspired by the millions of women in our community and recently chatted with the co-founders of GRLSWIRL, an all-female skateboarding group based in Venice, CA. Learn about this community of skater girls shaking things up in a male-dominated sport, what drew them to partnering with True&Co., and their vision for the future of skateboarding.

Why did you want to partner with True&Co. on this project? 

I am a tomboy, but love feeling feminine. When I’m skating, I’m all about comfort. True&Co. makes all that possible for me, especially the True Body line. I am stoked to spread the word about a brand that makes me feel amazing. – Tobi Ann

How do you like the True Weekend Cotton Stretch Logo bras? How did it make you feel? What are you looking for in a bra?  

I crave a no-bra feeling but also love the feeling of being held. I’ve graduated from the thought that there needs to be one perfect bra. Instead I embrace having different bras for different moods and different types of movement. However, I do hold onto the notion that a good-fitting bra is a necessity, not a luxury. I love a bra that doesn’t just cup my breasts but actually fits my body and my lifestyle. The True Weekend Cotton Stretch bras work for me because they support my day to day movements with ease. I’m able to put them on and let them do their job so to speak. Properly functioning design gives me clarity of thought and peace of mind. Which allows me to function at my best without distraction. – Lindsey Kaye

Would you like to share a message with our audience to encourage them to join GRLSWIRL or to form their own skate crew in their local community?

If you’ve been wanting to try skating and join GRLSWIRL, listen to the voice in your head and follow your instincts. When you do, a whole world might open up. A world of connection not only with others but most importantly with yourself. Follow the things that make you feel good. You’ll thank yourself later. 

If you live in SoCal, definitely come to one of our group skates! We would love to meet and skate with you. If you’re wanting to start skating in your local community, do so with confidence and learn from those around you. There are GRLS out there riding the concrete streets empowered by the GRLSWIRL movement and are wanting to learn just like you. Also stay tuned and stay connected to us – we have a lot in store for you! – Lindsey Kaye

What does GRLSWIRL want to do next? Goals for 2019?

GRLSWIRL has more goals and projects in the works than most of us can keep up with! But our biggest next step is having a worldwide membership program for women all over the world to join GRLSWIRL. We have inquiries every single day from women asking us how they can join GRLSWIRL, and we’ve been working hard and figuring out a way to make that possible. 

But other than that, we have merch releasing very soon, and many more philanthropy events in the works including making a GRLSWIRL non-profit division. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that people don’t see, and we are pretty much using all of our free time on GRLSWIRL and have made it our second full-time job. We really hope to expand our reach by at least 3x and become a household name. We want to keep influencing women and girls of all ages and collaborate with some big players who want to do the same. – Monroe Alvarez

How did you get into skateboarding?

I was 11 and I got really ill. I was hospitalized and when finally released, my weight was heavier and my cheeks puffy. At school I was bullied and that led to me having to switch schools. Going into the new school I wanted to avoid bullies, and from what I’d seen, skaters were tough and didn’t get messed with. That birthday I asked for a skateboard and it’s never left my side. – Myriah Marquez

Learn more about True&Co.’s partnership with GRLSWIRL here.