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  • Bra FAQ

    What are bralettes?

    Softly structured and wire-free, bralettes are easy-wearing, comfortable and typically made for the lightest activities or lounging. However, depending on how they’re designed and the materials used, bralettes can also deliver good support and shaping. Traditionally made of lace, bralettes have since evolved to include modern fabrications such as lightweight mesh and microfibers and come in a wide variety of silhouettes with versatile strap options. A bralette can make a stylish foundation layer beneath the right outfit (for inspiration, check out our How to Wear a Bralette overview), so consider keeping a few in your day-to-evening rotation.

    What’s the difference between bras and bralettes?

    So, what exactly is the difference between a “regular” bra and a bralette? It truly comes down to the structure, or lack thereof. A classic bra is designed with many working parts and foundational elements, such as panels, underwires and cups, which can come in several iterations including molded, padded or unlined. However, a bralette is usually a much simpler pullover garment that doesn’t have any hardware such as wires or closures. In fact, bralettes are very similar in design to one of the first bras ever invented, which was made simply of fabric and ribbon. (To learn more about its fascinating backstory, check out our History of the Bra timeline). Overall, bralettes are designed for comfort, so they’re a perfect choice in the off-hours. Their soft construction and ease of wear is really what sets them apart.

    What are our favorite bralettes?

    The True Body Triangle Convertible Strap is one of our most popular styles with over 1,500 reviews and a four star rating. A favorite for several reasons, it offers all the ease of a wire-free, pullover design, plus it’s constructed from our extremely soft True Body fabric. The bra is versatile with slim straps that can be easily repositioned to create a racerback, plus it’s sleek and flattering on the body with a plunging neckline that contours to your natural shape. Most importantly, the bra offers a super-comfortable fit, making it a perfect choice for all-day, everyday wear.

  • A bralette promises the ultimate support in cuteness and comfort while still being wire and padding free. One might choose a simple white cotton bralette for lounging vs. a color or black lace bralette underneath a sheer or backless top or dress. Choose either a padded, racerback or halter bralette to match the cut, or show off the style itself with a strappy bralette. Go even bolder with a bralette outfit by wearing one over top of a shirt, or on its own paired with a maxi skirt or high waisted jeans. And don’t let size scare you away from this style, True&Co. bralettes are designed to support all shapes.