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True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra


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Supportive enough to lift you up to one inch, comfortable...

So soft and comfortable. I haven't worn any of my other bras since. Magdalena N.

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  • Tiffin wears XS

    I wore Freya bras for years & liked them for the most part. I’m a 30G, until recently True & Co didn’t have anything that would work for me. I’ve been wearing Werner’s wireless bras for the past year, every couple of months I’ll search in vain for a cute wireless bralette, end up frustrated & emotional, & feel miserable about myself...why are all the cute things made for other people’s bodies? Why can’t I have something comfortable & cute that gives me support (boob wise & emotionally)? On a whim I decided to check back with True & Co & found they has extended their sizes. I took a chance & ordered this in an XS Full-Cup. I teared up the first I put this on, it seemed too small, failed again by the Bra Gods. BUT, after a shower & tea I tried it on again & wore it around the house. TEARS. Faith in the Bra Gods restored! I LOVE this bra & I LOVE my body in this Bra. Thank you.

  • Kathryn wears M

    This bra is amazingly comfortable. It gives both shape and lift and looks cute too. I've been trying lots of bras and this one I want to love because of comfort and fit. Here is the issue, the racerback straps show in 90% of my shirts. The straps are very comfortable but sit so close to my neck that unless I'm wearing a shirt with a collar that comes right on top of my neck at the shoulders, it shows. However. It does give me the v-neckline that I also need for so many of my shirts. I don't wear super low cut vneck's but they're low enough that the lift scoop does show. So I'm really bummed because despite my love for this bra, its not practical for most of my clothes. I would really love to see the lift bra with a v-neck for low cut shirts but straps like the scoop so it would work under most clothes. Also, I noticed the racerback creates a bulge around my shoulder blades. Not flatterin

  • wears M

    I have spent years and tons of money looking for a comfortable wireless bra - my search is finally over - THANK YOU! I am a 34FF in european size which in american sizing is 34DDD - True Body Lift worked for me. I am really picky about fabric as well - i prefer natural fibers. While on a hot day - i prefer going braless and while I still look forward to removing this bra, I'm not crazy insane about getting it off like I usually am. ALSO - uniboob is not an issue - somehow the shape and structure of these bras help keep things in place. I will admit if I have been bending over a lot - I will readjust - but I am ok with that - they look good! And I will purchase more. I will add, I am not used to racer back and this sits closer to my neck than I like and I do pull it away sometimes - but I am glad I have this one. The v neck is nice to have as the scoop neck does sometimes show

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