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As versatile as it is comfortable, with convertible straps. The True Body Triangle Convertible Strap has a soft feel and plunging neckline that you’ll want to wear every day.

• Slim ...

I finally found a bra that’s soft, comfortable, supportive, and versatile. Shelley S.

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  • Amy wears L

    I LOVE the color & fabric. The fit is very nice too. It’s important to have adjustable straps because they’re too loose when they aren’t. I like that it’s a pull over bra without hooks but with thin straps that don’t show. My only complaint (and this is for all four bras I purchased) is after I washed them for the first time & before wearing them, they had a very strong “sweet” smell to me. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to smells and did not notice it when I opened the package, only after washing (in cold with Gain detergent). I hung them in my room to dry and later that day when I opened my bedroom door I immediately could smell them. My daughter said she didn’t notice it on her bra until I had her smell them all. She said it smelled a bit like a bathing suit after it’s been washed and guessed it’s the type of fabric. I hope it goes away as it sits and doesn’t come back after each wash.

  • TAYLOR wears S

    WOW!!! I have been looking for the “perfect bra” for about a year now. I have never fit well in Victoria Secret or Aerie bras because I would always have that gap at the top that was visible on almost all of my shirts. I even spent $120 on what was known as “The Perfect Bra” which I returned because it was far from it. I tried this bra on with every single shirt I own, especially the see through white button down that i have for work and you cannot even see it!! Because of the fabric it lies perfectly against your skin so you do not see any parts of the bra under your skin tight tshirts!! I also ordered the True Lingerie Madison Lace Plunge Bra which for me had the same cup issue and the True Everyday Lifting Seamless Triangle Bra was a perfect combination of the two, but the color was too pink for me. I HIGHLY recommend this bra for under absolutely everything!! I love the natural look!

  • Lydia wears S

    I am small chested, and have gotten by wearing sports bras and bralettes (and some hateful underwire briefly). I genuinely forget I have it on, and it feels like clouds on your boobs/whole chest and back. I am petite, but very long and lean, and usually I have an issue with the straps not being long enough to let out and comfortably sit on my shoulders. I don’t have an issue with this bra, and the straps themselves seem much softer against the skin than other bras I’ve tried. I really like the color as it doesn’t really show under shirts, even white ones. My only concern is how it’ll hold up in the wash because it’s so thin and soft. I am going to avoid the dryer and hope that’ll do it. If it holds up to a few washings, I will probably stock up. Thank you for making a bra I love to put on! I had no idea it was possible to love a non sports bra as much as I do this one!