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True Body Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap Bra


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The True Body Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap is made from our smoothing True Body fabric that contours to your natural silhouette. It looks sleek and feels effortless, with wire-free support.


I love the smooth fabric and how it maintains my natural shape. Rachel K.

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  • SHERI wears XS

    I'm 5ft 4", 110 pounds, and a 32 B. I purchased this amazing and comfortable bra in xs. The band fit nicely - snug but not tight and the padded inserts prevented the bra from flattening my smaller size chest. Also, the bra looks smooth and invisible under tight fitting tops and tees. Of course, an added benefit is the adjustable straps. This is the best bra I've ever purchased (and I've owned several luxury high end ones throughout the years). Love,love,love! Customer Service: I was initially reluctant to engage in a business transaction with this company due to disconcerting online reviews regarding substandard customer service. However, I had a most positive shopping experience with True&Co. The shipping was expeditious, email responses were prompt, and the staff even extended a price adjustment on my order since the item went on sale 3 days following my purchase. 5*****'s!

  • Michelle wears M

    I LOVE this bra. However, there are a couple of issues. I wish that it went down further on my rib cage, more similar to the true body V-neck bra. I like it to go lower; it just feels better and less restricting. And, the cups on both of my breasts are visable no matter how I try to fix it. I have no idea why, but they are. If I take them out, my nipples are too obvious. So I just deal with the line of the cups on the upper edge of my boob. I think it's because I have a tiny rib cage (so order a medium which is still a little big) and DD boobs. I'm not sure. I would love to see True come out with a bra just like this, with a lower rib cage band, smaller around for small rib caged women and larger cups to accommodate woman that have had boob jobs. Even with these minor issues, I still LOVE this bra. I'm so glad they finally came out with a bra that has actual straps that are adjustable!

  • Kayla wears M

    Immensely comfortable! I typically wear 36C or 34D and got size Med. It fits perfect. My primary problem with bras is that my left breast is a full cup size larger than my right. In no-wire bras, my boobs smash together into one blob and in wire bras, the left falls out while my right has room to spare. I was afraid that this bra would act like any sports bra and just squeeze them together into a weird lump. Very surprisingly, it holds my ladies in their own separate spaces. They keep to their sides and don't touch. Way cool. The straps do loosen up fast, though, so I anticipate that I'll keep tightening them and soon need to just accept that they're not holding me up as high as I'd prefer. That being said, this bra gives you some shape (way better than a bralette) but will not allow for the same curve as a wire bra. I can't wear it with some work shirts or I simply look too flat.