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  • Impressive but not quite all-the-way there

    Stephanie wears M

    I threw away all of my bras and then ordered two of these. They are extremely comfortable and look attractive, even though it’s a bit closer to a sports bra look. It barely feels like I’m wearing anything and I’m not dying to get it off the moment I get in the door. The lift it provides is extremely impressive; however, I’d ideally like to see some improvement in the side profile silhouette. While even high quality underwires will never be my everyday bra again, I might still have to drop $90+ on one for certain occasions. My breasts are pretty big. I give this bra a 5-star review because I’m amazed by how much it’s improved my life. The little tiny bit of ideal shape I sacrifice in the side profile is worth everything for quality of life, but I’m holding out hope I’ll get an email any day offering a True bra that truly can replace my need to ever own an underwire again! So close!

  • Comfy

    wears XS

    I’m a 30F so finding any bra that fits well is a win for me. This is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever put on my body. I love it for sleeping and lounging and it’s ok under T-shirts, but as far as replacing a traditional bra, it doesn’t really do the trick. I can’t wear anything low cut with it and as comfy as it is, it’s not super supporting. I wore it to work a couple days and I have to go up and down stairs. I was bouncing all over the place. I also don’t see it holding up for a long time. I’ve had it a week and already had to adjust the straps because it is stretching out. I still gave it 4 stars because I think it’s a great sleep and casual bra. I’ll probably order another so it doesn’t wear out too fast.

  • Everything I Was Dreaming a Bra Could Be!

    Mary wears S

    I couldn't wait for the chance to review this bra! I know how hard it is to find a well-fitting, supportive, and comfortable bra for larger cup sizes so I relied heavily on the reviews of other women. If I can help one other woman make the decision to buy this bra then I will gladly do so. It is indeed "buttery soft", the girls stay put--even when I am out walking. No Uni-bra effect and you can't even tell the straps are there! No more underwire digging into my ribs or thick straps gouging into my shoulders. The support is built in and not reliant on the straps! What a relief. As soon as I got the pink one I ordered 2 more. I am a customer for life!