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Supportive enough to lift you up to one inch, comfortable...

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  • Comfortable

    Raen wears XL

    For reference, I am 5’4” and around 180lbs. I have very large breasts, and finding comfortable bras was near impossible before I found True Body. I also own a True Body Lift Scoop Neck bra in 2X Full Cup, but that was a bit big around my torso, so with this bra I went with 1X Full Cup. It’s a nice fit, very comfortable, and the fabric is super soft. I wear it daily to work, and feel well supported. It does tend to bunch a bit under my breasts, and I still love taking it off when I get home, but not because it’s excruciating like my previous bras, it’s just a bit annoying after 10+ hours of wear. The straps do not dig in, but I do wish True&Co offered convertible straps with the Full Cup bras. It also tends to show through white shirts. I also want to add that they wash well, but I do use a mesh bag designed for bras, remove the inserts, and hang to dry. Overall, I am very pleased with this bra and recommend it especially to any big breasted women looking for comfort.

  • Impressive but not quite all-the-way there

    Stephanie wears M

    I threw away all of my bras and then ordered two of these. They are extremely comfortable and look attractive, even though it’s a bit closer to a sports bra look. It barely feels like I’m wearing anything and I’m not dying to get it off the moment I get in the door. The lift it provides is extremely impressive; however, I’d ideally like to see some improvement in the side profile silhouette. While even high quality underwires will never be my everyday bra again, I might still have to drop $90+ on one for certain occasions. My breasts are pretty big. I give this bra a 5-star review because I’m amazed by how much it’s improved my life. The little tiny bit of ideal shape I sacrifice in the side profile is worth everything for quality of life, but I’m holding out hope I’ll get an email any day offering a True bra that truly can replace my need to ever own an underwire again! So close!

  • Almost perfect

    Lauren wears XS

    I want to give it 5 stars but it was just a little less than perfect. I am a 32DD with a small rib cage and heavy breasts, so it is hard to find a bra period, let alone one without underwire. This one is awesome. It is soft and comfortable. I work long hours where I sleep at the hospital. This allows me to sleep in a bra but also be able to work without the girls getting all over the place. It fits great after being washed, but over time seems to stretch out because it looses its "lift". That is my biggest complaint. Besides that I love it. My bra came with a defect- the clasp on the strap came backwards. It was uncomfortable at first, but I have gotten use to it so I didn't exchange (didn't want to wait the time for a new one). I recommend this bra and will purchase again