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Made in our smoothing True Body fabric, our True Body Adjustable Strap Tank is sleek and supportive on days when you don’t feel like wearing a bra. Slim straps adjust for the support you need, and it ...

Beyond comfortable. I could live in this tank. Robin F.

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  • Essential for winter

    Kristin wears M

    I bought this because I have several wide neck sweaters and dress shirts that need a seamless look underneath (which I wasn't getting with a bra+cami combo). I was skeptical about the price, but this has been perfect! The fit is tight (I'm typically a S/M in tshirts and a 32DD bra) but that makes it (nearly) seamless under shirts (the adjustments on the straps can be slightly seen through a thinner shirt). The extra layer helps keep we warm at work without worrying if my bra or cami straps are peeking out; I've worn it almost every day this fall/winter!Only potential downside is that it's not as supportive as I would like when going for a brisk walk after work (I feel like things are a little too bouncy). I'm also a little concerned about its durability over time (for example, the slits for the removable pads seem to be fraying and getting a little wider with each wash). But overall it's incredibly comfortable and worth it!

  • Brandy wears XL

    I LOVE THIS TANK!!!! I'm a nurse, I have a big chest, and a bad back. Wearing a traditional bra with under wire really irritates my back problems. I own 5 other True&Co bras which I love. I bought this tank because I wear a tank top under my scrubs at work anyway so I thought I'd give it a shot. I normally wear a 38DD-DDD/E depending on the bra. This tank is a game changer! Holds the girls in securely, no spillage when I'm bending/ stretching/reaching/etc because my job involves a lot of physical movement. And it is unbelievably comfortable. The first night I wore it to work there was a moment of panic when all of a sudden I thought I had forgotten to put a bra on because I was so comfortable! I ordered 2 initially and I'm about to order 3 more because I WILL wear this tank every day that I work and if I can, I'll wear it every day I'm off as my bra under my regular clothes.

  • Amazingly comfortable!!

    Sandi wears XL

    As a person with fibromyalgia for over 20 years, I have become extremely bra band sensitive. I am a larger gal, 5'3, 180lbs, bra size 38 DDD, this cami bra has been a lifesaver. Recently with my weight gain and becoming more debilitated with my condition and still having to work, wearing bras for me was becoming increasingly agonizing. I did a google search and there was an article of the 10 most comfortable bras and this one was listed in the article so I decided to throw caution to the wind and order a couple and I hate ordering things like this online without trying them on first. I am so glad I did! I now feel like I can work in more comfort than ever before and still have some support with this amazing tank. If you are sensory challenged like I am in being oversensitive to bra bands, this might be the thing for you, like it is for me!