We have so much to celebrate this International Women’s Day. And so much to be proud of: We’re proud to be female founded, run, and operated by our stellar team of badass women. We’re proud of the ways we’re changing the lingerie industry for the better, by making bras that celebrate women’s bodies. We’re proud our our partnerships with organizations that support other women, like the Keep A Breast Foundation and I Support The Girls. We’re proud of our community of women, 6 million-plus strong and growing.But we’re just getting started. And that’s why this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #PressForProgrsss, deeply resonates with us. We believe in empowering women to give them the tools and the confidence to break down barriers (and shatter glass ceilings) — we don’t plan on slowing down our efforts until we get there. Here’s where we’re at this International Women’s Day:Female Founded, Run, & OperatedSo much of True&Co.’s empowerment DNA comes from our founder, Michelle Lam. Michelle was no stranger to be a strong woman in a man’s world (having been the first female investor at Bain Capital Ventures), and is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to standing up and speaking out for women in the workplace. She brings her clear-sighted commitment empowering women in the workplace, as evidenced by the team of 16 brilliant, badass women.trueandco try on truckChanging The Industry… For The BetterAll of us on Team True are deeply committed to remaking the lingerie industry to truly be for women, by listening to customer feedback, and by creating products that make women feel amazing. Much of what we do is data-driven, but for us, “data” is so much more than a number — it’s real women with real stories telling us what they love and hate about bras. Our community of 6 million-plus women, who have taken our Fit Quiz and shared in-depth feedback with us, inspires everything we do: We are creating products based on what you want and need in a bra.Bras Inspired By Our CommunityOur True Body bras were directly inspired by women telling us they were wearing sports bra to work — we created a sleek, smooth bra that disappeared under clothes and felt naked, but better. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from that initial launch, but knew we could do better —  inspired by breast cancer survivors in our community, we created True Body Front Closure for women who experienced discomfort pulling bras over their head. We’ve recently expanded our size range, and are making a point to make top quality bras for women of all shapes and sizes. We developed our True Lingerie collection to include beautiful bras that were comfortable to wear, and were all about making you feel sexy in your own unique way.Fostering Change By Giving BackIndividual empowerment is the core of our products. Encouraging that on a larger scale is essential to who we are as a company, and to our belief that the future is female. We raised $30,000 for the Keep A Breast Foundation, who are committed to eradicating breast cancer and educating young women about early detection, and donated $200,000 in bras to I Support The Girls, who distribute bras, tampons, and maxi pads to homeless women and girls across America. In addition, our #thefutureisfemale scholarship series supports young women in the educational course of her choice. This is allowing us to encourage the next generation of female leaders and forward thinkers to press for progress in their respective fields and communities.At True&Co., we’re committed to #PressForProgress, and to helping you follow your dreams — whether we’re awarding you a scholarship or making you a bra that makes you feel like you can take on the world. How will you #PressForProgress? And how can we support you in your efforts?

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