By now we’re all familiar with #VPL (visible panty line), whether wanted or unwanted, but even without a proper hashtag, visible bra line is equally as annoying for many who prefer a clean, seamless look. Whether it’s the V shape formed by the top of bra cups showing through a form fitting top or dress or back lines caused by your bra band, it can be a struggle to find a bra that truly disappears under your clothes. First, let’s look at likely culprits for these issues, then solve them with bras and bra alternatives that actually deliver on the promise.

What Causes a Bra Outline that Shows Through Shirt?

To achieve a truly seamless look, a few key factors are at play, from your shape to the bra itself and ultimately, the clothing item you’re trying to wear over it.

Bra is the Incorrect Size or Fit

First and foremost, size matters. Even a t-shirt style bra which typically touts a “no-line” appearance due to smooth, often molded cups can cause show through if it’s not sized properly. Gaping, where there is excess room between the cup and your breast, or it’s counterpart, spillage, where too small a cup causes breast tissue to overflow, are both equally liable to ruin your sleek look. Start by understanding How Should a Bra Fit so you know how to navigate these issues, then double check your sizing with our guide to How to Measure Bra Size.

Bra is Worn Out

We know, your go-to is that way for a reason, time tested and trusted to support without annoying you throughout the day, it’s the bra you reach for day in and day out. So…what’s the problem? While we love finding a favorite, rotation really does matter, as we discuss in our guide to How Long Do Bras Last? Solution: stock up on styles that work for you, and be willing to admit when one is simply past its prime.

Lace or Fabric Texture

Lace is lovely, and can make you feel that way, but it’s likely not your best bet when trying to achieve a truly seamless appearance. Textured fabrics are also at risk of causing lines where you may not want them as even tiny details may show through certain shirts and dresses. Save these pieces for under either heavier clothing items or when you’re willing to embrace showing them off.

Thick Bra Fabric

Another offender in the quest for a no line look could simply be the weight of the fabric. You likely wouldn’t try wearing a sports bra under a tight tank top, and for good reason, the thickness of most athletic bras would raise the top enough to create lines below the band and anywhere the bra is higher than ones skin.

Tight or Thin Clothing

It’s a bit of a two way street when it comes to achieving a polished look, meaning your bra has to work in combination with your clothing so the two essentially become one. Just like a too tight bra, a too tight (i.e. small) shirt leaves little room for the material in between to sit flush. Adding to the issue may be the weight of the clothing itself, super thin fabrics (whether well made or not so much) are by nature prone to show through.

Bras That Reduce Outlines

Your first line of defense against outlines is a bra designed to avoid them. Seamless styles and materials like our True Body microfiber help reduce outlines for a sleek appearance.

Seamless Bras

Bra construction can be complicated, but key design features like skipping seaming altogether simply makes sense when it comes to avoiding show through. And you don’t have to give up practicality, smoothing or lift to find a bra that disappears under clothes.

True Body Bras

Made from our softest material, True Body microfiber is as close to a second skin as a bra can come, making it well suited to play nice under form fitting clothing styles. With a wide variety of options in the True Body lineup, you can find your perfect fit not only in size but in preferences from neckline to strap type and design details like cooling mesh. Whether your go-to is a tried and true tshirt style, a longline bralette or a convertible strap that allows you to go from standard to racerback (or even strapless), you’ll find a match among these favorites. And fuller cup females never fear, we’ve got you covered with a full offering of Full Cup bras designed specifically for DD+.

Alternatives to Help Bra Outlines

If a bra just isn’t going to cut it and frustrating outlines have you ready to skip it entirely, there are a few alternatives that might do the trick.

Opt for a Bra Cami

A bra cami is a wardrobe staple, not only for days when you’re just not feeling a bra, but as an essential layering piece. Sleek and supportive, the True Body Adjustable Strap Tank has easy to conceal straps and removable pads for a custom fit. Made with True Body microfiber and without elastic or bulky seams make this tank both feel and look like it’s barely there.


Another bra alternative, shapewear is made to smooth areas of the body, creating a slimming silhouette without lines. Whether you opt for a one piece style that achieves full body shaping or target specific areas, shapewear can be worn under form fitting clothing to streamline your look.

Opt for Thicker or Textured Fabrics

One last consideration worth considering when you shop for clothes is the material certain garments are made out of. When possible, thicker and/or textured fabrics have less tendency to risk bra outline show through. Even for summer styles, well made pieces will be made in a slightly heavier, but still breathable material such as cotton, giving the item more longevity through washing and helping hide any lines throughout extended wear.