Somewhat of a flashback style iconic of the 90’s, the bodysuit has come back into fashion over the past few years, from fast fashion brands to runway designers. But this return brings back the key question brought up by this atypical wardrobe item, to wear, or not to wear, underwear with a bodysuit?

What is a Bodysuit?

Similar to a one piece bathing suit or leotard (but in material not meant for swimming or dance) the fashion bodysuit functions as a shirt that tucks seamlessly into pants, skirts and shorts to create a smooth, no line appearance.

Whether worn primarily for function (i.e. not having to retuck a button down into your dress pants all day) or fashion (lacy, curve hugging date night wear), bodysuits can be a versatile wardrobe addition. As such, tops range greatly in style while bottoms have less variety, typically coming down to personal preference of full coverage vs thong and button closure or lack thereof. In either case, the bodysuit debate is focused on the bottom half, with the eternal question of whether or not underwear are to be worn underneath.

Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

If the goal of wearing a bodysuit is to minimize lines and smooth one’s silhouette, then the idea of adding another layer underneath obviously complicates matters. Some women choose to wear a thong underneath a bodysuit, whether the bodysuit itself is a thong style or not. And some base their decision on whether the bodysuit has a built in gusset, a liner made of moisture wicking material for breathability down there, especially for those prone to yeast infections.

While we’re ultimately in favor of whatever makes you the most comfortable, many bodysuit styles are made to feel like you’re wearing nothing and therefore, don’t require underwear underneath. Bodysuits are the perfect base layer and a snap closure continues the convenience factor (no bathroom creativity needed). The are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for true versatility day and night.