Gravity, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations (whether due to pregnancy or otherwise), all are causes of changes in breast tissue over ones lifetime. As we age, so too do our breasts, making the styles and size(s) we once wore less supportive and ultimately, less comfortable. Knowing what to look for in a bra made to naturally enhance your shape will give you the confidence to shop for new styles that compliment your body as it changes.

What to Look for in a Bra for Older Women

The key factors in finding a comfortable bra as one gets older include support, comfort and shaping. In combination, these elements can potentially help prevent further sagging, avoid unwanted spillage or gaping and elevate your breasts to their natural position.

Find Good Support to Prevent Sagging

It’s a dreaded reality, but breast sagging is generally unavoidable. Wives tales aside (no, sleeping in your bra doesn’t prevent nor cause sagging), the simple truth is that over time, our skin loses elasticity and breast ligaments may weaken. So may we can’t beat gravity, but, we can work with it, by choosing a supportive style and ensuring proper sizing so that the band is responsible for most of the support. We also love a bit of lift (up to one full inch actually), which we break down a bit further in our guide to the Best Support Bras.

Comfort for Any Activity

Bras come in all kinds of types, from wirefree bralette to super structured push up, or designed specifically for activities such as nursing or sports. But finding a bra that delivers on comfort throughout your day (and yes, that means not wanting to rip it off as soon as the day is done), requires not only choosing the right style but ensuring both a proper fit and material that moves with you. Dig deeper on each of these factors and check out a few of our Most Comfortable Bra favorites.

Natural Shaping

Sure, a super structured bra may create the illusion of full cup breasts, but if what’s inside of them isn’t actually filling them out, it’ll likely be uncomfortable, or unsustainable as the bra eventually loses shape (especially padded styles that mold to breast shape). Instead, we recommend a natural approach to shaping, with seamless design that works with your breast shape to lift and contour tissue in a supportive, comfortable way. Rather than look like you stuffed your bra (which, let’s be honest, wasn’t fun way back when and really wouldn’t be now) to get two perfectly rounded melons on your chest, embrace and enhance your true shape.

Bra Options for Older Women

Now that you’re armed with what to look for in the best bras for older women, let’s take a look at a few options that have become True&Co customer favorites, especially among those who have the most years of bra wearing wisdom.

Lift Scoop Neck Bra

A scoop neck is a classic, but a lifting scoop neck that can seriously deliver up to one inch of lift, alongside all day comfort? Life changing (don’t take our word for it, trust over 1200 reviewers making this bra a four star favorite). Available in sizes up to 42DDD with standard cup and full cup sizing, our True Body microfiber in a heavier weight is made specifically to support, keep shape and retain stretch, even with daily wear. And you just might wear the wirefree, pull over style everyday, which is why we recommend stocking up in a variety of skin tone neutrals, soft solids and bold patterns.

Coverage Balconette Bra

Looking for a little more structure, without sacrificing smoothing support? A balconette bra delivers in spades, with generous coverage and beautiful stretch lace that moves with you. Encased underwire, adjustable straps and a double hook and eye closure are what you should look for in a balconette bra.

Boost Bra

Lift is the opposite of sag, and seamless is the opposite of show through. Shaping and supportive, the True Body Boost is a flexible pull-on silhouette crafted from our smoothing True Body fabric. This bra is designed with a minimalist slip-on shape, with clean-lined edges, designed to disappear under clothing and all day comfort.

True&Co is based on the core idea that all women, at all ages, should feel comfortable in their skin. As you age gracefully and beautifully, you expect a bra that can deliver the support and shape you desire. We’re committed to designing just that, and helping you find the best bra for your body, at every stage and any age.