Putting On a Bra After Shoulder Surgery

Now that you’ve picked a few bras that meet the above criteria, it’s time to actually put your bra on post-surgery. Start slowly and give yourself grace, patience and ample time to avoid unnecessary movement or pain to the affected area. You likely don’t realize how much you move your shoulder when putting on a bra the way you’re used to doing it, but you will right away if you try it post-procedure. If it’s too painful, we have a creative alternative to try.

Step Into the Bra and Pull Up

First, clasp the bra so that it is connected before you start trying to put it on (if it has straps, try to make slide adjustments prior as well). Then, sitting down, start the bra at your feet and step into it, pulling it up over your hips and waist gently then sliding an arm into each strap. Adjust breast tissue to sit properly in each cup as you would normally. Voila, a new way to get into your bra, without as much shoulder movement!

True&Co. Bras To Wear After Shoulder Surgery

Our entire lineup of True Body bras are made to be the ultimate in comfort and movability, with super soft microfiber that truly feels like a second skin. But a few of our designs suit themselves best to post shoulder surgery recovery, including a strapless style and two adjustable strap options.

Strapless Bra

A bra that can take you beyond post-procedure recovery, this bra is a workhorse when worn without straps, traditionally or crisscrossed for a racerback. Flexible wires are best for moving with you and a double hook and eye closure ensures ample support from a properly fitting band.

Adjustable Strap Bra

A crowd favorite since its introduction, our True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra is engineered to elevate, with supportive lift of up to one full inch. Natural contour and all day comfort combine giving this style a five (out of five) star customer rating from both standard and full cup wearers. A heavier weight of our softest True Body fabric keeps it shape and stretch, even with daily wear and adjustable straps allow you to remove pressure from the affected shoulder post procedure, gently working back towards your normal fit as swelling subsides.