How to Fold Underwear

One of last year’s buzziest trends was home organization (thank you, Marie Kondo), with a particular focus on the closet. We especially love her trick for determining which items you wear least by reversing the direction of your hanger every time you put something away. Maintaining an orderly system means everything in its place — even underwear, the most indispensable (and often most-neglected) garments in your wardrobe.


The Best Way to Fold Underwear To Save Space

Organizing your undies will do two crucial things: save space and free up time, so that you can find your go-to favorites and matching sets with ease. Our step-by-step guide will help you determine the best techniques for folding or rolling your underwear based on its specific shape and style. 


Method 1: How to Roll Underwear


Step 1 - Lay Flat, Waistband on Side

Lay your panties flat, face up and turned 90 degrees so that the waistband is on the side, positioned vertically.   


Step 2 - Fold Horizontally

Grabbing hold of the crotch, fold the panty in half so that the crotch meets the waistband, then run your hand along the surface to smooth and flatten.


Step 3 - Fold in Half

To ensure a tight roll, we recommend folding the underwear in half prior to the rolling step. 


Step 4 - Roll Tightly

Begin rolling tightly, starting at the side nearest you, and continue until a compact, neatly bundled cylinder is formed.


Step 5 - Store side by side

Organize your rolled panties into one side-by-side stack for easy access. For maximum storage, place the rolled panties into a single file, then neatly stack a second layer on top of the first.


Method 2: How to Fold Underwear into a Square


Step 1 - Lay Flat, Waistband Opposite 

Similar to the roll method, this technique has you placing the panty face-up and flat — only with the crotch end towards you.


Step 2 - Fold Towards You

Fold the panty over so that the top of the waistband meets the end of the crotch.


Step 3 - Fold Inward & Flip

Fold each side inward toward the center, then gently flip the panty over, keeping the tucked-in square shape neat and smooth.  


Step 4 - Store Vertically

Shingle panties on top of one another for easy access.



Method 3: How to Fold Underwear Like an Egg Roll


Step 1 - Lay Flat, Waistband Near

For this method, start with the waistband closest to you, smooth to flatten.


Step 2 - Fold Away

Make three narrow and equally measured folds, beginning with the waistband and advancing up toward the crotch. Leave an inch or so of the crotch, unfolded at the top.


Step 3 - Flip

Flip the panty over — its backside should be now face-up and the crotch end positioned towards you.


Step 4 - Fold

Next, fold both the sides in toward the center, one overlapping the other.


Step 5 - Roll and Flip Inside Out

Fold the remaining crotch material up, while pushing fingers into the gap on the back created via the three folds made earlier — it should resemble a pocket. Depending on the style and amount of fabric, you may have to repeat the crotch-fold twice. Place thumbs in the pocket and use middle fingers to push fabric from the back through the front opening. At the same time, pull the outside edges back in with thumbs. The panty should now be in a tidy bundle, compact and neatly secured.


Step 7 - Store 

The benefit of spending extra time on this method is that panties will stay tightly bundled until you undo the folds, so you can be less precise about how you arrange them in your underwear drawer.


Method 4: How to Fold Thongs


Step 1 - Lay Flat, Waistband Opposite

Lay your thong panty face-down with the waistband positioned away from you. Smooth to flatten.


Step 2 - Align Crotch to Waistband

Grabbing the bottom edge of the crotch, fold up and cover the top of the waistband.


Step 3 - Fold Waistband to Center

Fold the panty into thirds, bringing each side of the waistband toward the center and overlapping them. 


Step 4 - Stack

Store it, along with all your bundled thongs, in an upright stack.


Methed 5: How to Fold Boxer Briefs


Step 1 - Lay Flat, Waistband Opposite

Lay the boxer briefs face-up with the waistband positioned away from you. Smooth to flatten. 


Step 2 - Fold in Half 

Find the middle of the boxer and use it as the folding point, laying one side over the other and lining up the outer seams. 


Step 3 - Rotate & Rectangle

Rotate the boxer briefs halfway,180 degrees, so leg openings are on one side and waistband is on the other. Create a long rectangle by folding down the top half of the boxer until it meets the bottom.


Step 4 - Fold in Thirds & Stack

Taking hold of the crotch side, fold up toward the waistband, creating a square. Stack the neatly bundled boxers side by side on a shelf or in a dresser drawer.


Whichever undie bundling method you choose, know that adding dividers or drawer boxes will help carve out neat, dedicated spaces for better storage. You can separate underwear by style — thongs in one area, briefs in another — or category, such as everyday versus special occasion. Organize by hue to create a visual color-coding system or have a little fun with your lingerie by forming rainbow stacks. In the end, go for the method that’s easiest for you to access and brings you the most closet-decluttering joy.


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