Breaking Up And Making Up With Push-Up Bras

They say all great ideas were born out of necessity. Which is exactly how our push-up bra options came to be.   Perhaps like you, we’ve had a rocky start to finding a push-up bra we love. But lately we’ve hit peak #relationshipgoals and we want you to do the same. It’s just a matter of erasing the past…      

Remember the first time you tried a push-up bra? Most options ended up feeling all wrong. You found that there was often either too much padding or that the padding that didn’t sit in the right places. You fell out of the top while the underwire and band dug in. But you kept trying, sure that there would be a bra out there that could provide an extra lift while also being supportive and comfortable.  

Instead you found there was padding that was way too stiff or padding that was the equivalent of a bad water bed. The results felt unnatural. So eventually you broke up with push-up bras altogether and so did we.  

 Luckily, we took that frustration and channeled it into making something better. Our Riverside Push-Up  features C-curve pads that give just the right amount of lift from the bottom and sides to create a subtle push-up. The results?   A natural boost that still appears magically smooth under t-shirts and fine knit tops. Same goes for our Simone Push-Up, offered in six different neutral shades, which reviewers rave about. They say it ‘fits like a glove’ and that it provides ‘cleavage without being overly dramatic’. We say - mission accomplished.  

We know you’ve been burned before, but it may be time to make-up with push-up bras.

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