All About That Boob Fitness

Chest Exercises That Will Perk You Right Up Let’s take an unofficial poll: who here read, no, devoured, Judy Blume books at some point in her formative years? Yeah, us too. And let’s take a moment to praise Lady Judy for her honest, raw, heartbreaking and hilarious depictions of what it’s like to grow up… in any era.  

One sentiment that might be a little outdated? Her ever-famous, now immortalized chant from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret: “I must, I must, I must increase my bust!” Elbows out, shoulder blades together; next step, a pointy-tipped WonderBra! Oh, Margaret. Trends come and go, but your beautiful breasts — whether they’re big, small, or somewhere in between — are forever. We make take issue with the sentiment (though really, what newly pubescent girl hasn’t had thoughts of a different breast size), but we’re not gonna lie — we dig your moves.  

That’s because pumping up those chest muscles can actually help firm and perk up your breasts (size changes notwithstanding). Check out these 12 great moves from Women’s Health & Fitness… in case you’re ready to advance past Miss Margaret.