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Our True Story

Changing the future of bra shopping
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True Story

Changing the future of bra shopping

A Better Bra Shopping Experience

True&Co. believes every woman deserves to feel comfortable and look great. So we created a better bra shopping experience that makes finding the perfect style quick and simple—no fitting rooms, no measuring tape, just the bras that fit you best.

Michelle, at True&Co. HQ

How it Began

Bad lighting. Cramped fitting rooms. And that lady with the tape measure. Could bra shopping get any worse?

We set out to reinvent the experience. A quick online quiz to determine your unique shape. A personalized shop filled with only the styles and sizes that fit you best. A box packed with care and delivered to your door. It’s streamlined, simple—and so much better.

I started True&Co. in my living room, with 500 bras and a pen-and-paper survey that reminded me of the Cosmo quizzes my friends and I loved in high school. Thousands of fittings later, I’m joined by an intrepid group of women (and men) hailing from Microsoft, Netflix, TaskRabbit, Sephora, Blurb, Bain Capital Ventures, and the Boston Consulting Group.

We never imagined we’d grow up to be bra experts, but we love what we do, helping women find their perfect fit when they try on a bra they love.

Love, Michelle and the True&Co. team


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The secret formula

Ever since Leonardo da Vinci created the Vitruvian Man during the Renaissance, artists, thinkers, and your evil spinning instructor have been searching for the ideal human proportions. While there may not be a perfect woman, we believe there is a perfect fit for every woman. Finding it requires blending art with science—a balance represented in the True&Co. logo.


True&Co’s curved letters take inspiration from the female form while the geometric foundations echo the precise mathematics behind our algorithms. Beauty and brains, a winning combination.