Your Kind of Sexy

Badass lady bosses, boob data, and #thefutureisfemale are just a few things we women at True care deeply about.   You know what else we love? Rocking our lacy lingerie whenever we feel like it, whether we’re cuddling up with a good book and a glass of wine or dancing around the house to our favorite song. Here are our favorite looks to do just that, and more.   Light a couple candles and pull out a bottle of wine, because this dreamy corset’s got us feeling romantic.  

When you want your lingerie to reflect your stellar style, because every lady should own this boudoir inspired bralette/choker combo.  

Snuggle up with a good book or your latest sweetheart in our must-have plunging bodysuit.  

Entwined. True and Co's major best seller and your favorite bra and panty set for dancing around the house, volume turned all the way up, always.  

If you’re feeling playful, spice up the day (or night) with our feather tickler or lace eye mask.  

Our Seaside Unlined Longline Bra and Union Hipster Panty for Sunday morning breakfast in bed snuggles-or any morning!   

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