Your Boobs Deserve This Bra


We’ve made it our number one mission at bras having a life-changing (boob-rocking) effect on one of you, it’s a great day for us.

Like Maitland Quitmeyer, a Buzzfeed staff writer who, in addition to falling in love with our True Body collection. Here’s what Maitland has to say about True Body:

“It works as a bra, it works as a cropped tank to layer under sheer tops or dresses, it’s basically perfect in every way. With a removable lining/light padding, it gives just the right support (and hides your nips if you keep the lining in). It ~completely~ disappears under clothing, with no seams or edges showing. Did I mention that it doesn’t cut in ANYWHERE? …let’s be honest: Your boobs and shoulders deserve this bra.”

We couldn’t agree more: your boobs most definitely deserve this bra! Check out her full write-up here.

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