The Work-Life Balance

We’ve all been there. In bed, lights out… checking emails from your boss. Trying to give playtime with your little one your all… while playing a stressful conversation from the workday on repeat. We get it. But having a hard time turning it off may mean it’s time for a check in on your work-life balance.  The “right” balance looks different for everyone, but believe that it should ultimately feel like you’re owning the week as opposed to the week owning you. Here, a few simple steps to help you feel more in control at work and in life.  

Consider setting an alarm to go to bed. It creates a structure just like your wake-up alarm and ensures that you’ll have time to get a good night’s sleep. Before you jump in bed, reduce small morning stressors and decision fatigue by laying out your outfit for the next day. That includes lingerie that you know is going to make you feel comfortable and confident, like our Uniform T-Shirt Full Coverage Bra and Hidden Hipster. With clean lines and smoothing shapes these pieces will disappear under anything you chose to wear.  

Once at work, try your best to be present and focused. If you feel your mind wandering or stress about home life clouding your thoughts, take a five minute break to do a few stretches at your desk or take a short walk. Then get back to the task at hand. If you are able to tackle things in a timely way at the office, you’ll have less hanging over your head once you’re off the clock.  

Back at home, to the best of your ability, let your day job go. Pick a time at night to make a distinct shift into ‘you’ time. Maybe that means turning off your phone or telling your partner that you’re not going to talk about work after 8PM.

Change into a soft, wireless bra like our Harper Easy Fit Pullover and throw on our Keene Pants to signal ultimate relaxation mode.    

Make a plan to strike your own work-life balance and check out all of our ‘Own the Week’ picks here.  

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