Why Your Bra Cup is Gaping

When you put on your bra, you want to feel supported and comfortable while appearing smooth and contoured under your clothing.  So when your bra cups are gaping, you’re likely to notice something’s amiss, whether from the look or feel.  What’s the deal with gaping?  Let’s take a look at why it occurs, how to prevent it, and most importantly, a few favorite bra styles that will help alleviate the issue.


Why Is Your Bra Gaping In Front?

Bra gap is actually a very common issue, as it can be caused by a variety of sizing variances, both from the cup itself as well as the bra straps.  Certain breast shapes, specifically those where breast volume tends to rest toward the bottom of one's bra cups, may be more prone to gaping.  As breast size and shape changes over time, and based on many factors (pregnancy and postpartum, weight gain or loss, etc), it can be helpful to revisit our guide to How Should A Bra Fit, with specific focus on how the cups should fit (gaping is issue #1 for good reason!).


Cup Size Is Too Big

If you’re experiencing gaping at the top of your bra cups, the first thing to double check is the cup size itself.  Styles and brands can vary, making it even more important to take your measurements each time you’re bra shopping, and try out various options to find your best fit.  Try going down a cup size to see if you can resolve the gaping issue without sacrificing overall comfort and support.  Also consider exploring alternative bra styles, such as a push-up, which often has padding at the bottom of the cup to push breast tissue upward or a plunge, which offers a smaller cup cut.


Bra Straps Are Too Loose

Another culprit to bra gaping might just be your straps.  Just like moving in the hook and eye closure on your band, adjustable straps allow you to tighten up the elastic, helping the cup lay flat.  Just be sure not to overtighten as that will cause digging in.


You Are Putting On Your Bra Wrong

One last thing to check if you're seeing a gap at the top of your bra cups: are you putting your bra on wrong?  Yes, there truly is a “right” way, which we walk through in our guide to How to Put On a Bra.  Bottom line is you want to make sure breast tissue is positioned appropriately in bra cups for best fit, comfort and support.  It’s worth the extra few seconds it takes, we promise.


How To Prevent A Bra Cup Gap

To prevent bra cups from gaping, you can take a few steps both when shopping and throughout the lifespan of the bra.  By measuring your bra size and making necessary adjustments you can ensure a proper fit, without gaping.


Measure Your Bra Size

We highly recommend taking your measurements each time you shop for new bras, after all, it’s quick and pretty easy if you follow our guide to How to Measure Bra Size.  While we often think we’re still the same size as the last time we shopped for bras, fluctuations happen over time and even small adjustments to your band and cup size can change how your bra fits and feels (also check out sister sizing if you are struggling to find a great fit).


How to Measure Cup Size

Bra size breaks down to two measurements, first your bust size and then your band size.  By taking the difference between these two, you can determine your cup size, as the inches correlate to a letter size, starting with A (1”) through D (4”) and then DD (5”), DDD (6”) and so on.


Tighten Your Bra Straps

While they don’t do the heavy lifting in terms of support (that’s the band's job), straps can also stretch out over time, especially with washing.  It’ll be quite obvious if they’re falling down, but taking time to tighten your bra straps before wearing again after laundering, can help alleviate gaping.  We have a few thoughts specifically on these exact situations, in our guide to How to Tighten Bra Straps and overview of what to do when your Bra Strap Falls Down.


Our Favorite Bras That Will Prevent Gaping Cups

True&Co designs with one thing top of mind: your comfort.  We want women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable all day, every day in supportive styles that feel like a second skin.  Our bras are meant to feel barely there, like being naked, only better.  So gaping?  Not from these fan favorites:


True Body V Neck

Over 2000 reviews and a four star rating make this one of our top ranked styles, and it’s for good reason.  Wirefree, pull on ease in a sleek double V silhouette makes the True Body V Neck perfect underneath low cut tops and dresses, or even on its own.  A double layer of our softest True Body microfiber contours your natural shape while smoothing and completely disappearing under clothes.

v neck bra


True Body Triangle Bra

Another crowd pleaser (of nearly 1600 customers), the True Body Triangle Bra slimmer strap style offers the same super soft feel and wirefree ease alongside versatility as it converts from standard to racerback.  The plunging neckline makes it perfect for pairing with most any top and adjustable straps offset any potential for gap.

triangle bra


Seamless Convertible Bra

Love wirefree but prefer a traditional clasp closure?  We’ve got you covered with the Seamless Convertible Bra, just as versatile as our triangle above in terms of strap options but with a wide bottom band and lightly padded cups.  And just like our pull over styles, it's invisible under clothes, with no gaping potential.

seamless bra

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