What's Your Uniform?

Do you have a uniform? Some of the most memorable icons have them - think Minnie Mouse in her signature polka dot dress or Mark Zuckerberg in his omnipresent logo t-shirt and jeans. Former President Barack Obama once explained that he wore only grey or navy suits so that he could eliminate the need to make one more decision every morning. And experts agree, cutting out options saves you from the dreaded pitfalls of decision fatigue (aka that feeling you get after wasting 20 minutes staring blankly into your own closet). Plus - there are other benefits to creating a signature style that’s all your own. It becomes your calling card. You’re the woman who always wears a crisp white shirt and jeans or the one who spends Monday through Friday in a perfectly fitted pencil skirt and neutral cashmere sweater.

But even if your job - or your love of shopping - doesn’t lend itself to wearing the exact same top and bottom every day, you can definitely create a lingerie uniform. A busy Momma on the go? Pick up our newly back in stock Uniform Full Coverage Bra in black and neutral and True Body Hipster briefs in all 5 colors (bonus they’re 3 for $33). Rotate throughout the week and you can run errands with total ease. girl in trueandco full coverage uniform bra A single young thing balancing a career and the dating scene? The Delano Racerback offers enough coverage to feel practical and enough lace to feel confidence-boosting from 9AM - 9PM. Pick it up in all 4 colors plus our matching Best Lace Thong Ever and you’ll never have to think twice before getting dressed. Create a uniform.

Take on the world. You’re practically Wonder Woman.

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