What’s Your Number?


What’s Your Number?

Are you a lingerie-drawer minimalist relying on just 1 or 2 styles to get you through the week? Or are you a maximalist, collecting bras in every style to match your mood at any given moment? The truth is, there’s no right or wrong amount when it comes to how many bras you should own, but if you’re starting from scratch we like to think of 3 as the lucky number.


Since bra size fluctuates often (with weight gain/loss, having a baby, etc.), we suggest taking our Fit Quiz to determine your best fit. From there, our skilled algorithm will deliver your Top 3 Bras that match your unique size and shape. Consider this your personal starter pack.


It may include our mega-flattering Fit Quiz – isn’t the suspense killing you?



So tell us: how many are in your drawer? Share your number and your favorite bra styles with us on Instagram #trueandco #top3bras

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