What Your Mama Gave You

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a list of qualities a mile long that you inherited from your mama. Maybe it’s your laugh, your sense of adventure or your addiction to hot sauce. Or maybe, it’s your pear/apple/whatever fruit body shape. And while you can blame her genetics all you want for those curvy hips and thighs or small bust.. we think you should thank her and then happily pass ‘em on down to your own little one.

 Body positivity begins at a startlingly young age - half of elementary school aged girls express concern about their weight - and as their Mother you have the biggest chance of controlling that. If a girl watches her Mom constantly trying fad diets and complaining about her curves, she’s much more likely to find fault in her own body. But a Mom who celebrates those same curves? A whole different story.

So embrace that knock-out booty you’ve got and be a champion of nourishing your body and soul, moving your body in ways that feel good and loving the skin you are in. Feel free to walk around the house proudly in our Alice Pullover and Smooth Lace Boyshort or talk to her about how comfortable you feel in our True Body Collection. We promise, your daughter is taking notes.

You know what they say, shake what yo’ Mama gave you.  And remind your Mama how gorgeous she is by indulging her with something from our Mothers Day Collection, curated to make her feel amazing.

What are you getting the ladies in your life for Mother’s Day? Share with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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