What To Wear Under A White Shirt

There are two ways to go when wearing white: 1) a bra that disappears underneath and 2) a bra that does completely the opposite.  When choosing what to wear under your white shirts, you have a couple of options, depending on both the style/fabric of the shirt as well as the overall look you’re going for.  So let’s look at why your bra is showing through and what you can do about including a little trick that might surprise you (hint: it’s a bold color and yet achieves an invisible appearance).


Why Is Your Bra Showing Through Your Shirt?

Aside from a simply see through shirt (think flowy linen or unlined lace), there are a few factors that lead to your bra showing through your shirt.  In these cases, we’re talking unwanted exposure of your bra and/or skin.


Lace or Thick Bra Fabric

Especially when wearing a form fitting top or dress, choosing an under layer made of either lace or a thicker fabric will cause the outline of your bra to show through (kind of like #VPL but more #VBL).  We delve into the details and offer a wide variety of solutions in our Tips to Avoiding Bra Outline Showing Through Shirt, including the effect of fabric choice as well as two baseline bra must haves: ensuring proper fit and that the bra hasn’t worn out.


Bright Colors

This one might be quite obvious, but bolder colors and patterns are more likely (almost guaranteed) to show through any light colored shirts, especially white.  While we love bras in these fun pops of color to brighten your mood or be a well kept secret (for someone special, or yourself) they typically work best under darker and/or thicker clothing. The exception here is if you want to show off your color choice, in which case we love two classic options: a black under a white lace top or a lacy colorful bralette under a crisp white button down.


Bra Type

Bra type can also impact show through, again, desired or not. Wirefree, seamless styles tend to avoid visible bra lines the best and it can be helpful to match the back straps of your bra and top especially in cases of a racerback or crisscross style.


What Bra To Wear Under White Shirt?

Now that we know why your bra might be showing through, what can be done about it?  You might automatically assume a white bra works best under a white shirt, however, the tonal contrast between the white of your bra and your top can actually cause show through. Your best bet is actually finding a neutral color that matches your skin tone, or trying something a bit counterintuitive as it seems quite the opposite: red (hear us out, there’s science behind it).


A Color That Matches Your Skin Tone To Hide The Bra

Often referred to as a “nude” bra, what we’re actually talking about is a fabric that most closely matches your skin tone, which obviously can vary quite widely, making this sometimes a challenge.  True&Co hopes to provide options for women of all shades to find their best match, which is why our softest True Body microfiber comes in a range of neutrals, for light to medium to dark skin tones.


Light Skin Tone

Our lightest “nude” is Dulce, available across a wide variety of styles, including our True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra.  This style is a great choice for lower cut white tops as well as shirts and dresses with the racerback silhouette.  Bonus: it’s also incredibly supportive and comfortable, two trademarks of all True&Co styles.  With stretch and shape that retains even if you wear it every day, it might become your go-to even under darker colored tops.

racerback bra


Medium Skin Tone

Next in the lineup is Bronzed, a hue almost as beautiful as you, our medium skin toned sisters.  Find this shade across our collection, notably in our True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra.  Adjustable slim straps are easy to conceal for sleeveless tops and dresses while a wirefree channel and triangle cups are engineered to elevate, support and contour.  Designed for both standard and full cup (DD+) options, we won’t quite call it life changing, but quite a few fans have.

lift triangle bra


Dark Skin Tone

Our “nude” neutral is well matched for darker skin tones.  Try it in our True Body Lift Mech Scoop Neck Bra in super soft, buttery True Body material in a heavier weight to increase support at sizes up to 2X.  Removable pads allow you to further customize your coverage and the wirefree, pullover style makes for easy on, and off (though with this level of comfort, you just might not want to take it off).

scoop neck mesh bra


No Skin Tone Bra? Try A Red Bra

We promised a surprising twist, and we may have just saved the best for last.  Unexpected and unconventional, a red bra can actually act as a nude bra as long as it doesn’t have pink/purple undertones.  Here’s why it works: our skin, no matter the shade, has red undertones, allowing a dark red/burgundy colored bra to pick up these undertones and actually blend in with skin coloring.  Mind blown?  Us too.  Try it in a style like our True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra in Chili Pepper Red, available up to 42DDD, and tell us what you think.

racerback bra

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